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9 Home Remedies For Belly Button Infection

Home Remedies For Belly Button Infection

An infection is something that adds a lot of trouble to the daily life and routine. A lot of people face the problem of infection. The symptoms of belly button infection include swelling, itching, redness, discharge of white fluid, bleeding etc. The main reasons is the same that is the growth of micro organisms but other problems like diabetes, surgery, exposure to ultra violet radiations can also cause the infection.

Here Are 9 Home Remedies For Belly Button Infection:

1. Stay Clean

One of the major problems for the cause of belly button infection is following a poor hygiene. Therefore at first it is advised to stay clean and hygienic. It is very important to clean the infection area daily in order to avoid the spreading of infection.

Stay clean

2. Vinegar

The acidic nature of vinegar helps in restricting the growth of micro organism in the belly button very effectively. Just mix some vinegar in warm water and apply the mixture over the affected area to get relief.


3. Saline Water

It helps in improving the blood circulation at that place and eliminates the infection causing organisms. All you need is to mix some salt in warm water and apply this mixture over the belly button using a cotton ball.

Saline water

4. Warm Compress

Application of a warm towel over the affected belly area is also a very effective way to reduce the problem. This method helps in reducing the pain, inflammation and swelling very effectively.

Warm compress

5. Tea Tree Oil

The rich anti microbial properties of tea tree oil are very effective in eliminating the micro organisms growing in belly button. Not only this, the anti inflammatory properties help in reducing the pain and swelling very effective.

Tea tree oil

6. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera also helps in eliminating the growth of micro organisms in the belly button. Moreover the soothing and healing nature of aloe vera is very helpful in healing the problem.

Aloe Vera Gel

7. Turmeric

The anti microbial nature of turmeric is very useful in treating the problem. All you need is to make a mixture of turmeric powder with water. Apply this mixture in the belly button using a cotton ball 3 to 4 times in a day to get relief.


8. Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol is rich in anti septic properties that are very useful in reducing the growth of infectious micro organisms. Rubbing alcohol also helps in preventing the possibility of further infection.

Rubbing alcohol

9. Coconut Oil

The anti bacterial and antifungal nature of coconut oil helps in eliminating the infectious micro organism from the body. Not only this, the anti inflammatory nature of coconut oil is very effective in reducing the problem of pain, swelling and inflammation.

Coconut Oil