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9 Homemade Juice Recipes To Fight Headache

Certain fruit and vegetable juices are considered effective in reducing headache. Headaches are often triggered by dehydration. Nutrient imbalance, which is worsened by dehydration, is another common cause of headache. High blood pressure and stress are frequently associated with throbbing headaches. By hydrating the body and providing essential nutrients, juices help in overcoming a headache. They work by addressing the underlying cause of a headache that helps in providing relief without any adverse side effect.

The Following Homemade Juice Recipes Are Known To Help In Fighting Headache

1. Banana-Pineapple Juice

To overcome stress or tension headache, drink banana and pineapple juice. Banana is a good source of vitamin B6, which is essential for the production of the neurotransmitter serotonin, which helps in reducing stress and headache associated with stress. The anti-inflammatory property of bromelain, the natural enzyme present in pineapple is also known to help in reducing headache. Blend a ripe banana with a cup of pineapple juice, 1 to 2 teaspoons of brewer’s yeast and some nut milk and drink it.[1]


2. Carrot, Beetroot And Cucumber Juice

To fight headache, extract the juice of one carrot, one beetroot and one cucumber. Blend them well and drink it. Take 100 ml of the vegetable juice once or twice a day. The nutrient rich juice is considered beneficial for migraine headaches. It helps in relaxation, lowering the blood pressure and improving circulation.[2]


3. Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is considered an effective remedy for headache. Add a pinch of salt to a glass of fresh lemon juice and drink it. This juice remedy seems to work for different types of headaches including tension headache, migraine headache and hangover headaches.[3]

Lemon Juice

4. Celery And Apple Juice

Celery is a good source of minerals such as calcium, potassium, magnesium and sodium. Drinking celery juice helps in restoring the electrolyte balance of the body, which helps in alleviating headache. Furthermore celery contains certain compounds that help in relaxing the blood vessels and lowering blood pressure. To reduce headache, mix two to four ounces of fresh celery juice with some apple juice and drink it.[4]


5. Apple, Parsley And Tomato Juice

Combine 8 ounces of apple juice with 6 ounces of tomato juice and 2 ounces of parsley juice and drink the juice mixture to fight headache. Apple juice is known to help in restoring the acid-alkaline balance of the body, which is disrupted when you experience a headache.[5]


6. Apple-Spinach Juice

According to holistic health practitioners, constipation and liver malfunction trigger recurrent headaches. To help overcome constipation and headache associated with it, they recommend drinking apple and spinach juice twice a day. To eight ounces of apple juice, add one ounce spinach juice and drink it.[6]


7. Watermelon Juice

Watermelon is rich in water and nutrients that help in providing relief from headache caused by heat exhaustion. If you are prone to chronic headache in hot conditions, take a glass of watermelon juice with some sugar candy in the morning.[7]


8. Cantaloupe And Ginger Juice

Cantaloupe and ginger are known to help in reducing platelet stickiness, which helps in improving blood flow, thereby helping in alleviating headache. Remove the peels of ½ ripe cantaloupe, ½ cucumber and ½ inch ginger. Extract the juice and drink it.[8]


9. Bottle Gourd Juice

The cooling effect of bottle gourd juice helps in relaxing the nerves, which makes it an effective remedy for headache. If you are prone to headache, drink bottle gourd juice once a day. It seems to help in reducing migraine attacks.[9]