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9 Top Miracle Fruits For A Leaner And Healthier You

Miracle Fruits For A Leaner And Healthier You

Fruits can play an important role in your weight loss program. If you are trying to loose your weight in a fast way then you must go for the food options. Fruits can keep you healthy and free from extra calories thus makes you leaner. There are several fruits that can be incorporated in your diet which does not makes you fat but also keeps you active. Daily consumption of fruits can give you a healthy body and a glowing skin.


Orange is a superb fruit which does not posses so much of calories but plays a great role in keeping you healthy. Orange is loaded with lots of anti oxidants which keeps your skin wrinkle free and also prevents damage caused by aging. Orange is a power house of all vital nutrients and mainly with vitamin C. Vitamin C keeps your skin glowing forever. Orange does not contain so much of calorie so that those who are trying for loosing their weight they can easily consume this fruit without any worry.



Papaya is another superb fruit which keeps you healthy with out making you heavy. It is full with vitamin A and D which keeps your skin healthy. Papaya contains fewer calories which is good for the people who are trying to loose their weight. It is also rich in anti oxidants which keeps your skin wrinkle free and prevents premature signs of aging. Papaya also prevents both type of Arthritis and keeps you healthy.



Apple is full with anti oxidants which prevents free radical damage of your body and keep you looking younger. It really tastes good and it does not make you fat. Apple contains essential nutrients like vital minerals and vitamins which make you healthy from inside. If you are in a weight loss program then you can consume apple without any worry. Apple is rich in other vital nutrients which keeps you healthy.



Guava is a very popular fruit and it is easily found in everywhere around the globe in almost every season of the year. Guava is rich in minerals like Iron, Calcium, Potassium and Magnesium which plays an important role in human nutrition. It keeps your teeth strong and is a very healthy fruit indeed. Guava helps you to keep you leaner but supplies you the best nutrition needed for your body.



Grapes are great in taste and contain fewer calories, so that you can take it without any worry. It is rich in fiber content which helps in prevention of constipation problem. It is rich in minerals and electrolytes which keeps the correct Ph balance in your body. It is easily found in almost every where around this globe and if it is consumed regularly you will get healthy.



Cucumber is another popular fruit around the world and it is basically used in preparation of salads. It helps you in digesting heavy and spicy foods. It is very much helpful in curing problem of acidity and keeps you healthy. It contains fewer calories so that you can eat it without any worry of gaining weight. It is good for the people who are suffering from high BP.


Water Melon:

Water Melon is basically found in summer but you can try it in other season also. It is rich in fiber content which is good for solving constipation problem. It tastes nice and does not contain so much of calorie. So that you can you can consume this fruit easily which keeps you leaner. Moreover this fruit is blessed with electrolytes which keeps the proper PH balance of your body in the season of summer and also keeps you refreshed.

Water Melon


Pineapple is another superb fruit with a great taste and found in almost every season around the globe. It actually works for you if you trying to loose your weight as it melt down the fat cells of your body very
effectively which is found in the research by the scientists. It cleanses your skin from the deep and keeps it glowing. It does not contain so much of calories so that you can easily consume it. Pineapple is also prescribed for the diabetic patients.



It is a really miracle fruit for you with a great taste liked by almost every body. It is easily found in almost
every season so that you can try it easily. This fruit is blessed with vitamin E and Lycopene. It is high in water content and rich in minerals like potassium, Iron, Calcium etc. Pomegranate contains fewer calories and thus it does not make you fat. Try Pomegranate for a healthier you.