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9 Natural Benefits Of Honey Water

9 Natural Benefits Of Honey Water
Honey is an extremely versatile element that can be added to food for sweetness, drank with water or in teas, can be applied to wounds, and even be used for beauty and health therapies. It has great antiviral properties and has large amounts of vitamins and minerals. Honey mixed in warm water and drunk can provide the body with a number of health benefits which are discussed as –

Weight Loss

Honey with warm water should be the first and the last thing we have during the day. Warm water helps in losing weight and honey further assists in the fat melting process. Also honey is a natural sugar and has good calories essential for the body to perform activities and it does not settle in the body as extra flab, maintains good metabolism in the body which helps in losing weight. Lemon juice and cinnamon can be mixed to this drink to accelerate the weight loss process.

Weight Loss

Relieves A Cough

Honey is a natural cough suppressant and works by fighting and eradicating infections of the throat, and warm water soothes the throat by reducing the inflammation and swelling. This warm water honey combination is taken by musicians who need to clear their throat of phlegm and keep the vocal chords healthy for singing.


Strengthens The Immune System

Honey has strong anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidant properties to ward off diseases from the body. It can minimize and protect the body from the effect of free radicals and help in removing the toxins from the body. A Cough, cold and allergies can all be treated with the help of warm water and honey combination as honey increases the immunity of the body to deal with the environmental allergens.

Immune System


The enzymes present in honey are good for the colon and help in digestion. Honey acts as a laxative and regularises the bowel movement in the body and aids in its smooth functioning. It can also treat diarrhea and maintain the level of good bacteria in the stomach which is necessary for optimum digestion. Having a glass of warm water with honey in the morning can keep the digestive system healthy.



Honey is an excellent source of energy as it has carbohydrates but no artificial sweeteners. This form of energy which does not contain extra calories and fat is healthy for the body and can be even consumed by diabetics, as the carbohydrates in honey are slowly digested by the body.

Boosts Energy

Good Skin

The antioxidant qualities of honey protects the skin from free radicals and the antibacterial powers help in maintaining a clear healthy skin. Having a glass of honey and warm water every day will keep the pimples anD acne at bay and also give the skin and hair a smooth and shiny texture.

Healthy Skin

Better Oral Health

Honey fights the bacteria in the mouth and the warm water dissolves all the germs and takes it along. The mouth feels fresh and problems of plaque, swollen gums and tooth pain are also benefitted from the anti-inflammatory properties of honey.

Good For Oral Health

Keeps The Body Hydrated

Drinking warm honey water keeps the body hydrated and replaces the lost minerals of the body. It is especially recommended after a workout as body fluids are retained. The skin also feels supple and all the organs function properly, and proper metabolism of the body is maintained.

honey water

Maintains Heart Health

Honey water intake reduces the level of LDL or bad cholesterol in the body and increases the good cholesterol. It strengthens the arteries and veins of the body and boosts better cardiovascular health. Adding cinnamon to the honey water mixture can provide better benefits to the heart health if taken regularly.