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9 Natural Remedies For Wisdom Tooth Pain

Wisdom Tooth is indeed the third and also the final set of molars that is well known to develop during the late teenage or even during the early twenties as well. However there’s only a slight chance that the tooth can be in alignment with the other teeth and also in most of the cases wisdom tooth generates some immense pain a person and also it require removal at such case. The pain can be due to various reasons such as swelling of jaw, movement of the teeth on the gums etc. In this regard, there’s a lot of necessity for a person to set himself free from the pain factors, else it can also trigger numerous problems such as jaw pain, problem while chewing of food etc. Another important thing about this wisdom tooth is that it can also result in headache  at times which is something highly undesired.  In this regard, this article features some of the amazing ways that can be highly helpful in reducing the extent of wisdom pain and therefore it is highly recommended by all the individuals to take a note of these remedies and get to include them in your regular diet for some outstanding benefits on the whole.

Here Are Some Natural Remedies For Wisdom Tooth Pain:

1. Onion

Onion is one such a natural remedy that is quite popular and also can be considered as one such a remedy that can handle the problem of wisdom tooth pain quite effectively [1] . Onion can be used in numerous ways where one such a way is to peel of the onion skin and then get to eat it raw. Apart from reducing the pain in the wisdom tooth, onion consumption can also be helpful in numerous ways which are all highly desired. There’s no need to disappoint if a person has no heart for consuming it raw and this is all because consumption of onions can be done in a number of ways such as including it in the dishes whereever possible, consuming in the form of juice etc.


2. Garlic

One wouldn’t be very much surprised upon the inclusion of garlic after onion as it is a well known fact that both belong to the same family and also have many similar properties as well [2] . Garlic has a large amount of chemically active compound known as allicin which is probably well known for reducing the pain. Therefore it is highly recommended by all the individuals to include garlic in their regular diet by adding it in the dishes where ever possible. However the best of the available ways of the consumption of garlic is to crush a garlic and chew it for few minutes and doing is daily early in the morning can get to vanish the pain quite easily on the whole.


3. Ginger

Another stunning natural remedy that is included in the list and ginger is probably well known for its numerous benefits [3] . Ginger has numerous anti inflammatory properties which indeed has the tendency of getting the wisdom tooth pain to lower by a large scale. In this regard, it is advisable for all the people who are indeed suffering from wisdom tooth problem to include ginger in the regular diet by using it as a flavoring substance in many of the dishes and also chewing it raw can get to reduce the pain as well.


4. Tea Tree Oil

One of the most prominent essential oils that’ll usually be included in many of the lists of natural remedies and this is actually highly necessary because tea tree oil is well known to possess numerous medicinal properties as well [4] .  Tea Tree oil can also be highly effective against wisdom tooth pain and all you’ve to do here is quite simple. Take a few drops of tea tree oil on your hand and get to rub the gums where you feel some really immense pain on the whole. Doing so can keep you away from many of the diseases apart from reducing the pain as well.

Tea Tree Oil

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5. Potatoes

One of the most loved remedies that is included in the list and potatoes are something that are highly beneficial to improve the overall health conditions of the body and also can be considered as a remedy that is knwon tolower the levels of wisdom tooth pain all in all [5] .


6. Black Tea

Black tea is loved and consumed by the people all across the world and also black tea is known to be highly helpful when you’re actually suffering from the problems due to wisdom tooth [6] . Black tea is well known to have numerous anti inflammatory properties and these properties take up the responsibility of keeping the pain generated by the wisdom tooth away. Therefore it is highly advisable for all the people suffering from wisdom tooth pain problems can take a note of these benefits and also include black tea in the regular diet as well.

Black Tea

7. Olive Oil

Another stunning remedy that is included in the list and this carrier oil is yet another best natural way that can handle the problems of wisdom teeth quite well [7] . Therefore it is highly advised to all the people who have wisdom tooth problems to massage your gums with a bit of olive oil early in the morning to experience some better benefits as far as the pain is concerned on the whole.

Olive Oil

8. Peppermint Oil

Another renowned essential oil is included in the list and this is nothing but the well known pepper mint oil [8] . The method of usage of this oil is quite simple and all you need to do here is nothing but to include a few drops of this essential oil in your tooth paste before brushing your teeth and this can trigger numerous health benefits and also gets to reduce the wisdom tooth pain as well.

Peppermint Oil

9. Cloves

One of the best remedies that is well known to reduce the pain in a greater extent and also it is recommended by all the individuals suffering from wisdom tooth pain to include cloves in your regular diet [9] .