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9 Potent Indicators Of Recognising Symptoms Of High Cortisol

Best Forewarning To Highligh Elevated Cortisol Levels In Blood.

Cortisol hormone produced in adrenal gland plays essential role in stress management. This hormone can aide in conversion of  glucose, proteins, fat and carbohydrates into energy. Healthy Cortisol hormone is determined by undergoing blood test. It needs to be neither more nor less to boost adrenal and pitutiary gland health. When body has cortisol imbalance, one or both glandscan be  simultaneously affected. Constant High cortisol levels hampers adrenal and pitutiary glands function impacting stress management system. Cortisol level  increases because of physical, emotional stress, strenous activity, infections, injury, cortisol overproduction, secretion in one or both glands and overdosage of corticosteroid medication to speeding up recovery in asthma, rhumeatoid arthiritis.

Cortisol is at its lowest in evenings and sleeping time and it peaks in early mornings.  This natural phenomena however becomes changed in High cortisol  having repercussions on anything from heart to weight. Its time to know about these common yet grave symptoms.

Few Imminent Signals Given By Health To Understand High Cortisol:

1. Blood Pressure Fluctuation:

Blood pressure needs to be balanced to optimise health management. High blood pressure is known propgator of hypertension, stress and heart ailment. Hypertension because of high blood pressure is foremost indicator of high cortisol levels in body.  Hypertension and stress go hand in hand hampering its stress management potential in high cortisol.

Blood Pressure Fluctuation

2. Constant Weight Gain:

Healthy weight neither less nor more but balanced is good health booster. Excess weight and fat around belly, midsection and upperback is potent sign of cortisol elevation. An unhealthy eating habits like fat and sugar enriched food is main reason of weight gain, obesity increasing fat deposit. Being overweight not only affects cortisol but also adrenaline by elevating stress signalling one to eat more than usual to overcome urge.

Constant Weight Gain

3. Changing Skin Colour:

Skin is most sensitive to any kind of change in body. Skin texture is first to experience change in any condition. In High cortisol, skin starts changing its colour to pink especially around arm, abdomen, breasts and thighs indicating onset of ailment. In addition to it, constant bruise, injury, infections and acne may lead to skin thinning and delaying its recovery process.

Changing Skin Colour

4. Heightened Stress Levels:

Stress affects everything from adrenaline to heart and overall wellbeing. Being constantly under emotional and physcial stress fosters ground for cortisol elevation. Stressful envoirments, thinking and emotions are known to increase severity of cortisol making it grave. Stress not only affects emotions but also changes diet which may lead to dipping of insulin. High cortisol affects body’s stress management giving adrenaline overdose which can have illaffects on health.

Heightened Stress Levels

5. Irregular Menustrual cycle:

Women have periods monthly but its timing can become erratic sometimes signalling hormonal imbalance. Being hormone, High cortisol may also be reason for an irregular, delayed and stopping of periods altogether. When women experiences such changes it might be good to get cortisol level checked.

 Irregular Menustrual cycle

6. Slower Wound Healing:

Inflammation is natural response to start healing of wounds. A faster wound recovery is indicator of good inflammatory system. In high cortisol, delayed or prolonged wound healing is common phenomenon.This can adversely affect adrenaline and corisol.

Slower Wound Healing

7. Weakened Immune Response:

Cortisol can curtail release of inflammation aided substance. Being formed in adrenaline, its good in boosting healing, speeding immunity. This corticosteroid medicine is suggested for boosting healing in asthma, rheumatoid arthiritis, rashes and eczema but its suggested in high dosage. This high dosage’s over exposure  has counteraffect on immune system slowing down and delaying immunity in long run.  Any weakeaning of immune system can indicate high cortisol levels in blood.

Weakened Immune Response

8. Undue Bone And Muscle Loss:

Bones and muscles starts losing mass after certain age. Body needs healthy cortisol for relieving stress mechanism. An undue bone loss and muscle weakening is prime indicator of cortisol imbalance especially high cortisol. Brittle bones and  muscle wastage enhances risk of rib, spine fracture, bone thinning and chronic back pain in high cortisol.This makes osteroporosis, rhuematoid arthiritis, low bone formation also common. Another factor enabling calcium loss is alcohol. Alcohol overconsumption leads to calcium imbalance  which may also contribute to elevated cortisol levels.

Undue Bone And Muscle Loss

9. Weak Memory:

Brain needs to be active for life to sustain vital organs. Cortisol and adrenaline work together to limit short term emotional memory beneficial in forgetting unnecessary things. This process however becomes altered when cortisol levels suddenly increase leading to cognition impairment, weakeaned memory and memory loss. Some other factors like depression, anxiety, fatigue also affect brain health increasing cortisol level.

Weak Memory