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9 Simple Steps Away From Diabetes

9 Simple Steps Away From Diabetes

9 Simple Steps Away From Diabetes

Diabetes is a disease in which the blood sugar levels become very high. It causes many types of health problems. A blood test performed at a hospital can detect diabetes. The blood sugar levels are tested before eating food that is fasting blood sugar and after two hours of eating food, that is post meal. It is alarming to know that a large number of people have diabetes without actually knowing that they suffer from this problem. Once a person gets diabetes, there is a need to take steps to control it for the whole life. Diabetic patients have a high risk of some other diseases like kidney, vision and heart problems. However, you can prevent and control the disease with some simple methods.

Following Are The 9 Simple Steps Away From Diabetes:

Take A Healthy Diet

Adopt a healthy diet by eating healthy nutritious foods like fruits and vegetables. Choose low calorie foods that don’t have sugar and fat in it. Eat whole grain foods. Choose dairy foods that have low fat in it. Take food in small portions. Oats and brown rice are healthy foods for diabetics. Choose wholewheat bread and pasta.

Whole grains

Avoid These Foods

Diabetes can be prevented by controlling ones diet. Avoid sugary foods and sweets. Don’t eat foods that contain fat and salt. Avoid soda, fruit juice and sugary drinks. Prepackaged foods and processed foods can increase your blood sugar levels. So avoid these foods. Don’t add extra sugar in the dishes you cook. Avoid desserts, ice creams, puddings and white bread. Avoid big meals.

White bread

Eat Low Glycemic Index Foods

Stay away from foods that have high glycemic index or GI. Find the glycemic index of foods you eat. You can do this online. White rice, canned fruits, chips and baked foods have very high GI. Don’t eat these foods. Choose low glycemic index foods that don’t increase blood sugar levels. Nuts, seeds, whole-wheat foods and lean meats have very low GI. Include these foods in your diet. Avoid potato and white bread.


Choose Healthy Fats

Replacing the unhealthy fats in the diet with the healthy fats helps in preventing and controlling diabetes. Foods that contain saturated fats are very unhealthy and harmful. This type of fat is present in dairy foods that are made with whole milk. Avoid this type of foods. Avoid butter, crackers, heavy cream, fried foods and vegetable oil. Non vegetarian people should avoid red meat. You should avoid foods that contain Trans fat. Instead of eating such fats, you should eat foods that have unsaturated fats. Olive oil and nuts are very good sources of this fat. You can eat avocados also. Eat grilled and baked foods.

Dairy Foods

Eat Omega 3 Fats Rich Foods

Fatty fishes are very good foods for non-vegetarian diabetic patients. The fish is rich in omega 3 fats, which help in controlling diabetes by improving insulin sensitivity. Eating fatty fishes prevents sugar cravings also. Wild salmon can give you high amounts of omega 3 fats. You can eat other fishes like tuna, herring and sardines. Vegetarian people can get omega 3 fats by eating ground flaxseeds.

Omega 3

Control Obesity

Obesity increases the risk of diabetes. It is easy to prevent the condition by controlling the body weight and preventing obesity. Keep your body weight under control by eating the right diet and doing exercises. Keep measuring your weight at frequent intervals so that you are aware of weight changes. If you find that the weight has increased, take steps to bring it back to normal.


Do Walking

Walking is the best way to control diabetes. Diabetic patients should do walking for forty five minutes two times daily. You can do walking in morning and evening time. Apart from this, you can control blood sugar by walking after eating food. Walking for fifteen minutes after having lunch and dinner is very beneficial. If you can’t go out, you can do walking in a treadmill. It helps in preventing increase of blood sugar.


Stay Active

Apart from walking, you should do other exercises. Lack of exercise is the main cause of weight gain and diabetes. Doing regular exercise helps in preventing this problem. People who lead an inactive and sedentary life are at a risk of getting diabetes. Increase your physical activities and lead an active life. You can do walking, cycling, jogging, dancing, swimming, stair climbing and yoga.

Energy Levels

Avoid Smoking And Alcohol

People who smoke and drink alcohol are at a high risk of suffering from diabetes. Alcohol contains high amounts of sugar in it. It can increase your blood sugar levels to very high. Even if you take little amount of alcohol, soon you will become addicted to it. You will then start taking large quantity of alcohol, which worsens the problem of diabetes. Similarly, smoking creates several problems and worsens your condition. Therefore, you should quit both smoking and alcohol.

Avoid Smoking And Alcohol