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9 Surprising Health Benefits Of Drinking Beer

Health Benefits Of Drinking Beer

An ice-cold beer is not just refreshing in the summers but also warms our entire body during the cold winters. However, not many people are aware of the fact that this popular crowd pleaser also offers a large number of health benefits. Though many health-conscious people avoid this beverage due to its high calorie content, one must take a look at these 9 nutritious benefits of beer before taking the vow of sobriety.

Here Are 9 Surprising Health Benefits Of Drinking Beer:

It is rich in Vitamin B

Beer contains B Vitamins in abundant amounts due to the presence of yeast used for fermenting it. Especially unfiltered beer is rich in Vitamin B6, B3 and folic acid, which provides benefits such as cell repair and easing symptoms of PMS.

It is rich in Vitamin B

It Contains Abundance Of Fiber

Beer is rich in fiber and thus it works as a laxative. It also helps in suppressing our appetite by slowing down the speed at which out food leaves the stomach. So if you want to avoid overeating, have a beer beforehand.

contains abundance of fiber

It Helps In Stress Reduction

Having a beer every day can keep stress at bay. Drinking beer in moderation can reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke by keeping anxiety and stress in check.

stress reduction

It Is Anti-Microbial

A bitter flower known as Hops is used during the process of brewing, which has great anti-microbial properties. Thus, a beer can help in fighting off a number of diseases caused due to microbial infections.


It Is Rich In Silicon

Beer also contains high amounts of silicon which helps in promoting high bone density as well as helps in limiting the absorption of aluminum in the brain. Thus, it can help in preventing dangerous diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

rich in Silicon

It Improves Digestion

Beer, especially dark beer, can also help improve your digestion as it is rich in soluble fibers. Thus, it is great for improving intestinal transit as well as overall digestive health.

improves digestion

It Lowers Cholesterol

Since beer is rich in fiber, it can also help to diminish the levels of bad cholesterol or the LDL cholesterol from the blood.


It Cures Insomnia

Beer contains compounds called nicotinic acid and lactoflavin which are known for promoting sleep.


It Can Treat Common Cold

Beer works as an effective remedy for common cold. Warm beer improves the blood circulation in the body and helps in breathing easier when one is congested. It can also boost your immunity as well as bring relief in joint pains. Simply heat up a beer bottle using a double boiler and mix 3-4 teaspoons of honey for relief from cold.

treat common cold