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9 Very Simple Home Remedies For Shoe Bites

One of the most common problems that almost every one of us has faced in our lives is the problem of shoe bites. The main reason for the problem is wearing tight or new shoes. The common symptoms of the problem include pain, inflammation, itching and swelling in extreme cases. Not only this, it the problem is not treated then it can also lead to foot blisters which are more painful. The problem also affects the daily routine as it causes a lot of pain is walking and standing and therefore one should not take this problem lightly. Thankfully with the use of some simple home remedies one can easily reduce the problem to get relief.

Here Are Some Of The Simple Home Remedies For The Problem Of Shoe Bites

1. Cold Ice Compress 

The cooling nature of ice is very useful in reducing the inflammation and swelling. Ice helps in numbing the inflamed areas and thus provides relief from the pain. You need to simply apply ice wrapped in piece of cloth to reduce the symptoms.[1]

Cold Ice Compress

2. Coconut Oil

Studies have shown the importance of the inflammatory properties present in coconut oil. The oil is very helpful in getting relief from a lot of problems including shoe bites and therefore it is recommended to massage your foot with coconut oil every night until the problem persists.[2]

Coconut Oil

3. Turmeric Powder

Turmeric powder is very beneficial as it contains healing properties along with the anti inflammatory nature. Therefore daily application of turmeric powder on your foot can reduce the inflammation and swelling caused due to shoe bite.[3]

Turmeric Powder

4. Warm Water

Warm water is very effective in controlling the swelling of the foot. The warmth helps in increasing the blood flow and hence reduces the swelling and pain. Add some salt to warm water and soak your foot in the solution for about 15 to 20 minutes to get relief from the painful symptoms.[4]

Warm Water

5. Lemon

Lemon has anti inflammatory nature and thus it can also be used to get relief from the painful shoe bites. Lemon can also help in controlling the swelling in the foot and therefore it would be a great idea to apply lemon juice on the affected foot in order to minimise the symptoms of the problem.[5]


6. Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe vera gel is particularly very effective in providing relief from the skin problems. The presence of anti inflammatory properties can deal with the symptoms like inflammation and itching. Not only this, aloe vera gel is also very effective in providing relief from the skin blisters. So if the problem has worsened it is always advisable to use aloe vera gel for getting relief.[6]

Aloe Vera Gel

7. Rice Flour

You can also get relief from the blister and the inflammation by applying small amount of rice flour mixed with water on the affected areas. It is advised to repeat this several times in a day for proper relief.[7]

Rice Flour

8. Indian Lilac

The anti inflammatory and healing nature of Indian lilac is very useful in dealing with the problem of shoe bites. You just need to apply the Indian lilac oil on the affected areas of your foot to reduce the symptoms. Follow the remedy regularly till you get complete relief from the swelling and inflammation.[8]

Indian Lilac

9. Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol has anti septic properties that can provide relief from the blisters on the foot by making your shoes soft. Apply some rubbing alcohol with cotton on your shoes and foot to get relief from the symptoms.[9]