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Amazing Benefits Of Dry Figs For Skin, Hair And Body

Hanging in the shops of dry fruits in local markets and superstores, bunches of figs tied by coconut husk ropes are a common sight. This is actually a flower, with seeds as fruits and is native to middle eastern regions. Enjoyed sumptuously as an exotic dry fruit, this mulberry tree member has its pockets full of minerals. It is regarded superior in nutrition even to Dates which is a highly regarded dry fruit.

I Bring To You A List Of Benefits This Fruit Offers-


High in fiber content, figs are a very good laxative. They also are prebiotic and can be used to channelise the good bacteria in the intestines. They regularise the bowel movements, promotes smooth excretion of the waste, prevents diarrhea and is also said to be helpful to patients suffering from piles. Washing and soaking dried figs in water and consuming the figs and water both, after 8-10 hours is very helpful in curing digestive problems.


Weight Loss-

the fiber present in dried figs can help in losing weight. But one should not consume figs in very large quantities as at times a reflex action occurs and there is an increase in weight especially if dry figs are consumed with milk.

Weight Loss

Heart Diseases And Cholesterol-

Figs contain a soluble fiber known as pectin which collects all the extra cholesterol and pushes them out of the body in the form of waste. Hence, we can overcome high cholesterol. In addition, figs are rich in omega-3, omega-6 fatty acids and phenol which are good for the heart.



The potassium-rich fig helps in controlling sugar fluctuations in the body as it allows optimum sugar absorption. This means that the requisite is absorbed by the body and thereby helping in reducing the need of extra insulin by the body.


Hypertension And Blood Pressure-

The high potassium and low sodium content of dry figs is a perfect combo to combat and reduce hypertension and control blood pressure. Figs also contain elements that sooth and calm the nerves.



Figs have a very high capacity to fight allergens and treat respiratory disorders. It is known to benefit patients suffering from bronchitis and asthma.Sore throat is relieved by having figs with honey water. The vocal chords are soothed and soreness also decreases. Bronchitis

Calcium Content-

High in calcium, regular intake of figs helps in fights various bone-related maladies. It is high in potassium and hence regulates the urinary calcium loss of the body. It balances the sodium content and channelizes removal of toxins from the body.


Iron Content-

Especially good for anemic people, dry figs should be incorporated in the diet of patients low on iron.



The high fiber content of figs stimulates bowel movements to eliminate the free radicals of cancer cells from the body, thus helping in colon cancer. Even women in post menopause stage are safeguarded from the risks ok breast cancer.


Skin And Hair-

The laxative effects of the figs flushes out unnecessary elements of the body, leaving behind a revitalised and healthy skin. The phosphorus, omega acids, and vitamins all add to the sheen, and the potassium helps in boosting repair, anti-aging and maintaining skin tone and texture.

 Skin And Hair


Make a pack of mashed figs and yogurt and apply as a face mask.
Mix orange juice, few mashed figs, olive oil and powdered sugar and make a body and face scrub.
Oatmeal mixed with figs is also used as a fairness pack.



Figs are extremely good for promoting hair growth and strengthening the follicles. Fig oil is used as a supplement to treat rough and wavy hair. The copper present in figs helps to combat grey hair problems. Can be even used with the everyday hair oil as a conditioner for detangled, straight hair.