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9 Amazing DIY Remedies For Bruises

9 Amazing DIY Remedies For Bruises

9 Amazing DIY Remedies For Bruises

Bruises also known as contusions can sometime create huge issue for people. They are nothing but skin discoloration that leads to swelling and pain. It mainly occurs due to internal bleeding under the skin. When blood vessels under the skin are broken, it results to problem known as bruises. The color of bruises can vary from red to blue in color depending on the intensity. It can be due to lack of nutrients in the body and which leads to bruises. There are few home remedies that can be followed in order to get rid of bruises. It looks ugly and the person suffers from pain.

Some Of The DIY Remedies For Bruises Are As Follows:

Use Of Vitamin K To Treat Bruises

Vitamin K can be the best miracle to treat bruises in a very effective manner. Vitamin K will help to regulate the blood clotting that leads to bruises. Take some amount of Vitamin K in the form of cream and apply to the affected bruises gently twice a day. Intake of Vitamin K rich foods such as broccoli, spinach and other stuffs can help to get rid of bruises.

Vitamin K rich foods
Apply Heat Solution To The Bruises

Apply some amount of heat on the bruises in order to get rid from it. Take a clean cloth and soak it with hot water. Squeeze it and then apply on the affected area. The heat will help to open up all the blood vessels. This method must be applied thrice a day for around 20 minutes.

Hot Pack Application

Apply Witch Hazel To Bruises

Witch Hazel contains tannins that can create miracle while treating bruises. It will help to reduce down the swelling and pain from the area. It will also help to fight back the bacteria present at the spot. It is a very easy method as it can be directly applied to the bruises.

Witch Hazel

Using Herbal Tea

Cold herbal tea can be used to reduce down the effect of bruises. Take some cold herbal tea and suppress it on the particular area. It will help to reduce down swelling within little time. Take some amount of lavender flowers along with chamomile flowers into cup of hot water. Keep it for some time and then put the solution for cooling. After some time take that cold herbal tea and apply it on the bruises.

Herbal Tea

Gentle Massage To Treat Bruises

Try to massage the nearby area of bruises so that the blood accumulation disappears. The same massage can be done several times a day in order to cure the problem of bruises. It should be noted that pressure should not be given on the affected area, which can further worsen the condition.


Applying Vinegar Compress For Bruises

Vinegar is the best solution to increase the flow of blood near the skin surface. Thus, vinegar can be used to decrease the flow of blood near the bruise. Take some amount of vinegar and put it into warm water. Soak a clean cloth with the solution and apply the compress directly on the bruises. This practice must be done many times in order to get rid of bruises.


Using Comfrey Compress To Treat Bruises

Comfrey is well known for its healing property beneath the skin. People suffering from bruises can apply comfrey, which will help to heal the skin from beneath. It contains allantoin, which acts as a good anti inflammatory agent. It will thus help to get rid of bruise problem. Take some dried comfrey leaves and put it into boiling water. Soak a clean cloth with this solution and compress it on the bruises. It will definitely help to reduce down the effect of bruises.


Intake Of Pineapple To Treat Bruises

Pineapple contains a very useful enzyme known as Bromelain. It will help to reverse the process of pain and inflammation. Bromelain helps to digest proteins that are mainly responsible for pain. The anti inflammation property of it will help to cure bruises. Take pineapple juice or ear pineapples in order to increase the amount of Bromelain.


Using Parsley For Bruises

The anti inflammatory properties of parsley will definitely help to get rid from the problem of bruises. The inflammation as well as pain due to bruises can be well avoided by the use of parsley. It will also help to fade away the bruise in shorter period of time. Take some parsley leaves and make paste of it. Apply directly on the bruise and wrap with some bandage on the bruise.


These are some most used home remedies to treat bruises.