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6 Beneficial DIY Remedies To Avoid Cancer

6 Beneficial DIY Remedies To Avoid Cancer

6 Beneficial DIY Remedies To Avoid Cancer

Cancer is a deadly disease which grows in our body due to many factors. This disease is a result of uncontrolled splitting up or division of cells leading to the formation of tumor or cancerous lump. It is an illness which can jeopardize our life as it can spread in our body at the same time ruining the function of other normal cells. We have to realize that cancer won’t just jump out of the blue. Consumption of alcohol, illegal drugs, and smoking cigarettes are some of the reasons to have cancer. By transforming certain ways of life as well as by including some habits, one can reduce the risk of having cancer.

Here Are Some Foods And Habits That You Can Try To Prevent This Lethal Illness:

Consumption Of Broccoli:

Broccoli has the ability to prevent the growth of multiple cells leading to cancer or tumor. A current research proved that it is better to consume steamed broccoli rather than boiled or fried ones because the constituents that promote our health will retain in the broccoli if boiled. It will leak if cooked otherwise.


Wonders Of Garlic:

This herb is famous in folklore to get rid of vampires. In reality, garlic is a great food to prevent cancer. The allyl sulfur compound strengthens the immunity system to fight against the cancer causing cells. This leads to apoptosis which means the natural death of cancer causing agents. This fact is especially helpful for women because research has shown that consumption of garlic can ward off colon cancers.


Relish Under The Sunlight:

Sunlight is a great source of Vitamin D for our skin. Lack of Vitamin D can cause cancer because this vitamin has the power to separate cells from sticking together leading to the formation of tumor lumps. Sufficient amount of Vitamin D in body can reduce the contact between cells. But be careful of exposing your skin to the UV rays since too much of this rays can cause skin cancer. Spend a few minutes under the sunlight to obtain acceptable amount of Vitamin D.

Sunlight Exposure

Drink More Green Tea:

The numerous medicinal powers of green tea have become the famous topic of discussion nowadays. This tea is especially popular in Asia. Frequent consumption of green tea can prevent colon, ovarian and breast cancers. The chemical component, EGCG with its high amount of antioxidants is a strong cancer resistant compound which can save us from this disease.

green tea

Avoid Sitting For Long:

Research has shown that people who spend most of their time sitting are more prone to colon cancers. So it is better for those who sit for long hours in front of computers or televisions to have some intervals in between to stand and stretch.

Sitting for longer

Drink A Lot Of Water:

Water has a lot of benefits for health. One of the advantages of consuming more water is its ability to clean up the intestinal columns and neutralizing the cancer causing elements present in the urine. This can prevent us from getting bladder cancer as the flow of water in the intestines can wash out the unwanted agents quickly through the bladder. This shows that more intake of water can practically reduce the risks of getting cancer.

Plain Water

Follow these tips to prevent cancer. Prevention is better than cure.