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Best 4 Diet Tips which Increase Hemoglobin Production In Thalassemia

Healthy body needs proper blood formation and hemoglobin content to boost general wellbeing. Sometimes conditions in body may resrict or lessen hemoglobin content. Thalassemia is one such genetically inherited blood disorder common in europe. In thalassemia, body naturally makes fewer red blood cells and hemoglobin making medication and blood transfusion best option to control thalassemia. Hemoglobin aides in carrying oxygen to various body parts boosting red blood circulation. Its known lesser hemoglobin production fosters envoirment increasing anemia frequency in thalassemia patients. Anemia’s severity depends on how far thalassemia has progressed.

Most Common signs of thalassemia are tiredness, yellowish or pale skin, poor appetite, anemia, spleen enlargement and heart problems. It has no final cure but inculcating healthy eating habits and proper care increases hemoglobin in red blood cells possibly reducing side affects of thalassemia.

Good Food Which Speed Up Hameoglobin Production:

1. Eating More Folic Acid Rich Food:

Folic acid is also known as vitamin b 9 [1]. Some genetic diseases may lower hemoglobin count, and  promote abnormal red blood cell production leading to thalassemia which increases anemia. Folic acid is known hemoglobin booster and red blood cell producer which maintains heart health by reducing heart disease. Its essential to eat folic acid enriched food for promptly reducing, easing recovery process in thalassemia.  On the other hand folic acid also enables growth. Best sources of folic acid are liver, cereals, potatoes, spinach, broccoli, banana, melon,peas and folic acid enriched bread.

Essential Point– Folic acid is must for everyone from women to men if one wants to increase hemoglobin production.

Eating More Folic Acid Rich Food

2. Enhancing Vitamin B 12 Intake:

Vitamin b 12 holds similar properties like all other b vitamins [2]. Vitamin b 12 is best by product of b vitamin beneficial in  making new red blood cells and allowing hemoglobin management. Insufficient vitamin b 12 elevates anemia, fatigue which increases  severity of thalassemia. Vitamin b 12 enriched food produces new red blood cells and hemoglobin improving  blood and oxygen flow in thalassemia. Vitamin b 12 rich foods like eggs, milk and cheese hence is good thalassemic friendly food.

Essential point- Healthy blood flow is vital for anyone wishing healthy and long life. A thalassemic patient needs more vitamin b 12 than normal people for improving  quality of life.

Enhancing Vitamin B 12 Intake

3. Including Calcium Rich Food In Diet:

Calcium is known giver of healthy bones and improves calcium absorption in body [3]. This is essential vitamin which lowers with age in body. To overcome this deficiency, one needs to eat more calcium rich food for managing bones, improving clotting and increasing calcium count in blood. A healthy muscle and storng bones become essential in thalassemia for overcoming fatigue. Dairy products, Spinach are most abundant source of calcium.

Essential point- Its vital to increase calcium intake for controlling unnecessary blood flow in thalassemia. Blood clot is way to promote healing in excess blood flow.

Including Calcium Rich Food In Diet

4. Taking More Iron Rich Food:

vitamins like iron have proven good blood health managers over time [4]. Iron is vitamin which aides in blood formation, eases body’s oxygen flow and increases hemoglobin production. Hemoglobin needs iron enriched food which eases oxygen flow. Iron is good blood flow booster, energy enricher and fatigue reducer which effectively reduces thalassemia if not curtail it. Its said eating dry fruits, lentils, whole grains, beans, cereals can deter anemia progression which is common sign of thalassemia.

Essential Point– Iron is like oxygen which one needs for breathing because eating iron healthy diet becomes essential for overcoming anemia.

Taking More Iron Rich Food

These dietary changes when incorporated in life increases hemoglobin count which are good health managers in thalassemia. This becomes must rather than choice which may elongate life.