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11 Best DIY Remedies For Neuritis

11 Best DIY Remedies For Neuritis

11 Best DIY Remedies For Neuritis

Neuritis is a health condition characterized by inflammation of nerves. It can be a single nerve or a series of them. At times, it can be nerves from different parts of the body; and this is called as polyneuritis.

Neuritis is recognized by different names, depending on the location of inflammation. For instance, it’s ulnar neuritis when nerves behind elbow are inflamed. Similarly, optical neuritis (for inflammation of eye’s nerves), occipital neuritis (inflammation in the nerves of neck, scalp, or rear head),  lumbosacral neuritis (inflammaton in lower leg),brachial neuritis (nerves in arms), and intercostals neuritis (inflammation of nerves between one’s ribs) are other kinds of neuritis. Neuritis affects the affected body area painful, numb, and weak. So it becomes necessary to treat it as soon as possible. You can cure neuritis effectively with help of certain home remedies.

Find Below Some Prominent Home Cures To Treat Neuritis Easily And Quickly:

Drink Soy Bean Milk

Soy bean milk is quite effective in treating neuritis. It is rich in vitamin B1, glutamic acid, lecithin that aids in toning the nerves. Prepare milk by soaking soy beans for 12 hours. Remove skin of soy beans and grind it to a paste. Boil this paste and stir it constantly. Let the mixture cool down, strain it, and add sugar. Drink a cup of soy bean milk adding a dash of honey every night.

Drink Soy Bean Milk

Eat Yoghurt

Yoghurt aids in the formation of bacteria in human’s intestine. It assists in production of vitamin B12 and vitamin B1, which are effective in treating neuritis. Eat some yogurt every day to cure neuritis.

eat Yogurt

Having Barley Brew

Barley, a cereal grain, helps treat neuritis effectively. Boil a quarter cup of pearled barley in a half cup of water. When water is reduced to a quarter, strain it. Get the brew and mix it with a half glass of lemon juice and buttermilk each and have it to cure neuritis.

Having Barley Brew

Have Beetroot Extract

Beetroot possesses panthothenic acid and crucial vitamins that can treat neuritis effectively. Boil beetroot in water, strain it, and get its extract to drink. Also, you can mix beetroot powder in water and drink it twice every day to cure neuritis.


Get Olive Oil Massage Done

Olive oil massage is another effective home remedy to cure neuritis. Massage made using olive oil on the affected area with hand or vibrator is effective in improve the blood circulation in the affected area. Also, such massage rejuvenated the nerve ends. So get olive oil massage done to get rid of pain, numbness, and fatigue resulting due to neuritis.

Olive oil

Drink Spinach And Carrot Juice

Carrot juice and spinach juice help treat inflammation of the nerves effectively. Both these vegetables are rich in nutrients, whose deficiency result in the inflammation of nerves. Make it a point to drink a half liter of raw spinach juice and carrot juice mixed every day.

Fresh Raw Carrot Juice

Eat Pineapple Or Drink Its Juice

Pineapple is rich in all crucial fatty acids that help treat neuritis effectively. Eat slices of pineapple daily. You can also have a glass of pineapple juice every day to cure neuritis.


Have Orange Flowers

Orange flowers are regarded as natural home remedy for the inflammation of nerves. Distilled water which is prepared by using medicinal orange flowers proves effective in mitigating the inflammation of the nerves. Also, it help you have a refreshing drink to cure neuritis. Distilled water using the petals of bitter orange is the best solution to cure the inflammation of the nerves. Also, incorporating about 10 gms of flowers of bitter orange in your daily diet is effective in treating neuritis.

Have Orange Flowers

Eat Apples

Apples help rejuvenate the inflated nerves. So eating apples help treat neuritis effectively. Make it a habit to eat an apple every day.

Eat Apples

Eat Salad Prepared Using Sprouted Beans

Sprouted beans are rich in folate, vitamin C, vitamin b, and minerals, such as iron and potassium. So including them in your regular diet helps cure the inflammation of the nerves effectively. All you need to do is prepare a remedial salad by combining one cup of sprouted beans, cabbage, carrots, onions, green chilies, garlic, lemon juice, black pepper powder, coriander leaves, beet root, and grated coconut. Eat this remedial salad every day to cure neuritis effectively.

Using Sprouted Beans

Eat eggs, fishes, chicken, and mutton

Eggs, fishes, mutton, and chicken are rich in vitamin B12. So eating these foods help treat neuritis effectively. Eating these vitamin B12 rich foods daily helps in alleviating acute pain, numbness, and weakness resulting due to neuritis. You can also eat yogurt, cheese, whole milk, crab, lobster, and other foods containing vitamin B12 to cure neuritis. However, when consuming these foods ensure you consume them in moderate amounts to prevent the risk heart ailment or stoke.

Eat eggs, fishes, chicken, and mutton

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