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5 Best Home Remedies For Minor Burns

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home remedies for minor burns

Burns can be caused due to a number of reasons which include chemicals, electricity or even heat. Burns affect the superficial skin mainly, as long s it is first degree burn and can be treated at home. First degree burns heal in a short time but if conditions worsen or discomfort increases, one should immediately get in touch with your Doctor.

Here Are Some Effective Remedies To Treat Minor Burns At Home:

Place Banana Peels On The Burn

Fresh banana peels placed on the burnt area of the skin, especially when there is itching, inflammation and redness and keeping it till it turns black helps to reduce pain and redness. It speeds up the healing process and offers comfort.

Banana peel

Tea Bags Treatment

Black tea is rich in tannic acid. It helps in drawing heat from burns and soothes them while reducing the pain. You need to place three or four wet tea bags (depending on the burn area) on the burn. You can use gauze to keep the tea bags in place.

Black Tea Bags

Yogurt Application

Applying plain yogurt on burns also offers relief from the burning and itching sensation. However, it should not be applied on the burn immediately. One should wait for at least one hour before applying yogurt on the burn.


Use White Vinegar On Burns

White vinegar has acetic acid which is a prime ingredient of aspirin. This helps in getting relief from inflammation, itching and pain. It is also known for its astringent and antiseptic properties which keeps infections away from the burns. Vinegar also works to pull out heat from burns which helps in reducing pain naturally. You can soak paper towels in diluted vinegar, which creates a soothing compress. You can use cotton swabs to gently dab on the burn.


Milk Treatment

Proteins and fat present in milk helps to soothe and speeds up the healing process. The burnt area can be soaked in cold milk for at least 15 minutes which will offer immediate relief. Using while milk curd or full fat milk helps in hydrating the parched skin and cools the area!


All these home remedies are for best recommended for treating minor burns. They speed up the healing process and offer quick relief.