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Dehydration Causes And Ten Simple Ways To Beat Dehydration


Dehydration is a health condition that is caused when your body does not get sufficient water, or fails to retain the required quantity of water. In case of a water retention problem, there is an imbalance in the intake and loss of water and that causes dehydration. Water is essential because over seventy percent of your body is just water and adequate water is essential for the good health of the cells, kidney and muscles. Inadequate supply of water can cause fatigue, constipation and muscle cramps. Dehydration has also been associated with coma, kidney failure, heat stroke and heat cramps.

Causes For Dehydration

Conditions like diarrhea and vomiting flush out more water from your body and are common among infants. Your body also needs more water when you suffer from fever. Those who like to sweat it out at the gym are likely to suffer from dehydration, unless they keep themselves hydrated with adequate intake of water. Some people suffer from excessive perspiration and if you are one of them, then make sure to find a solution to your excessive perspiration and meanwhile drink a lot of water. Your sweat deprives your body of water, chloride, sodium and potassium, and that needs to be restored. Frequent urination in certain health conditions is another cause for water loss from your body, and drinking required quantity of water and replacing the lost electrolytes is recommended. Other health conditions that can cause dehydration are Cholera, Gastritis, Heat Stroke, Hyperthyroidism, lack of adequate nutrition etc…

Dehydration Causes

The most common symptoms of dehydration include darker urine, low energy levels, dry mouth and a confused mind. Some people also experience palpitations and high pulse rate. Other symptoms of dehydration are sweating very less, suffering from muscle cramps and urinating very less. Water is as essential as food because every cell in your body contains and requires water. The dead cells and toxins in your body also need water because these get flushed out of your system only through urine.

When dehydrated, you need to drink a lot of water, but only water may not be sufficient. There are other nutrients lacking in a dehydrated body and so you need an oral intake that can replace the lost nutrients such as electrolytes. These electrolytes that are formed by mineral salts are present in the body’s fluids and play a vital role in the bodily functions. Dehydration can easily be treated at home through oral consumption and below listed are the ways to do that.

Here Are Ten Simple Ways To Beat Dehydration:

Salted Food

Every gram of salt contains nearly 387 mg of sodium and that surely helps when you are dehydrated. Salt promotes water retention in the body because the kidney has to store more water to manage the sodium that goes in with salt. You cannot just pop in a tablespoon of salt in your mouth, and so you must count on salty snacks like salted peanuts, salted almonds, salted pretzels and salted crackers. The sodium in the salt can make you feel thirsty naturally and that is required when you are dehydrated.

Salted food

Rehydration Powders And Drinks

You can get rehydration powders and drinks from the drug store without any prescription. These rehydration powders are rich in glucose and help restore the lost sodium and potassium back into your body. Also, these rehydration powders work really fast and the electrolytes in it can relieve you from pain in the muscles and bodily weakness caused due to dehydration. Remember to check the expiry date and to always keep some re-hydration powders and drinks along with your general medicines. These rehydration powders are to be dissolved in water and consumed orally. You can also get bottled rehydration drinks or ready-to-drink tetra packs.


Broths, Soups And Juices

While you need to take in more liquids, you also need adequate salt and sugar to beat dehydration. Dehydration often leaves you weak and frail and that’s when broths, soups and juices are helpful. These are healthy fluids that can hydrate and also provide the required amount of nutrition.

Broths, soups and juices

Lemonade With A Pinch Of Salt

Lemon is an extremely nutritious fruit that is rich in vitamins, nutrients and electrolytes that can rehydrate you within minutes. Simply squeeze a lemon in a glass of water and gulp it down, adding sugar and salt can be helpful. Lemonade will not only rehydrate you, but it will also make you feel energized.


Water, Salt And Sugar Solution

Take a liter of water, add quarter tablespoon salt and 5 to 6 tablespoons of sugar to it, stir well and gulp it down. You can make this an everyday habit until you have completely recovered from dehydration. This concoction is only for those who do not suffer from health conditions that restrict the intake of salt or sugar.


Ice And Ice Creams

Sucking ice cubes or fruit popsicles is very beneficial when you are dehydrated because it cools down your body and checks perspiration. You can also make your own healthy electrolyte popsicles if you have a popsicle tray.

Ice and ice-creams

Green Leafy Vegetables

Green leafy vegetables contain high water content and including a green salad in your diet is recommended. When there is excessive sweating, then water combined with potassium, chloride and sodium leaves the body. Losing these electrolytes is not great for your system and you need to restore these lost nutrients by taking in nourishing greens.

Green leafy vegetables

Juicy Fruits

Juicy fruits like apples, figs, strawberries, prunes, cantaloupes, watermelons and oranges contain high quantity of water and that helps in rehydration. These fruits are easy to digest, rich in nutritional value and also very hydrating.

Juicy fruits


This fruit contains a high proportion of water in it and can also give you a good supply of potassium. Bananas can give you instant energy when you are down with dehydration, but do maintain a small gap of at least 15 minutes between your banana and water intake.


Managing Your Lifestyle

If you are suffering from dehydration, then take a break from your gym. Also if you are enrolled in some yoga or fitness program that has an artificially heated exercise area, then immediately consult your doctor. If your doctor advices you to drop out from any such fitness program, then take that advice very seriously because you don’t really need an artificially heated room to be benefited through yoga. Again, if you are dehydrated and are trying to find a way to hydrate yourself, then give up liquor for a while. That’s because alcohol causes frequent urination and that causes loss of water from the body. For a while use the thirst induced by salted pretzels to take in more water, fruit juices and soups instead of alcohol.

manage lifestyle