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Top 7 Diet Tips For Pregnant Women

Top 7 Diet Tips For Pregnant Women

Top 7 Diet Tips For Pregnant Women

Pregnancy is a very important phase in a woman’s life when she prepares to give birth to her baby. It is very important for pregnant women to take a healthy diet consisting of foods that contain essential nutrients required for improving the health. It helps in the growth and development of the baby the women is expecting to give birth to. The calorie requirement increases during pregnancy. The daily intake of calories should be 300 calories more than the usual calorie intake. Taking a balanced diet helps in making the baby healthy. We will give some diet tips for pregnancy. The top 7 diet tips for pregnant women are as follows.

Here Are Some Healthy Diet Tips For Pregnant Women:

Drink Fluids

Increasing the intake of fluids like water is very important during pregnancy months. It helps in improving the health and preventing problems like constipation. Fluid is required by our body to transport nutrients and oxygen through the blood. Pregnant women should drink plenty of water. Take water between two meals. Drinking fruit juice is also a healthy option. You can have orange juice.

Drink Water

Avoid Raw Foods

Taking raw food in pregnancy is very dangerous for health. It increases the risk of infections and diseases. Raw foods contain bacteria in it and taking such foods is not good for you. Avoid cookies made with raw eggs. Don’t eat sushi and unpasteurized cheese. Many complications like miscarriage occur on eating under cooked foods. Avoid such foods.


Take Fruits And Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are the healthiest foods that contain nutrients for good health. Pregnant women should eat fruits and vegetables daily. Apart from vitamins and minerals, these foods contain fiber also. Fibrous foods help in improving the digestion. It also helps in preventing the problem of constipation. The daily intake of fruits and vegetables should be 5 servings. You can have dried fruits, canned fruits and fruit juice.

Fruits And Vegetables

Take Calcium Rich Foods

Calcium is a very important nutrient that helps in the growth of the baby developing in the womb. The daily intake of calcium should be up to 1300 mg. You can get this amount of calcium by taking 4 serving of calcium foods daily. Pregnant women should increase the intake of dairy foods like milk and yogurt. Some other good sources of calcium are cheese, cottage cheese and tofu.

Take Calcium Rich Foods

Take Iodine Rich Foods

Iodine is an essential nutrient required by pregnant women. It helps in the growth of brain of the baby. The daily intake of iodine during pregnancy should be 250 mg. Iodine helps in improving the health of nervous system of the baby in the womb. Dairy foods like milk and yogurt are good sources of iodine. You can get this nutrient by eating seafood like cod and shrimp. Baked potato is a healthy food for vegetarian people. You can eat navy beans also.


Eat Flaxseeds

High cholesterol levels are a common problem faced by pregnant women. The problem can be solved by including flaxseeds in the diet. Flaxseed contains high amounts of omega 3 fats. It is a rich source of lignans and fiber also. These nutrients help in controlling the cholesterol during pregnancy. Add powdered flaxseeds to foods like the morning cereals. You can add flaxseed to yogurt and salads also.


Avoid Caffeine

Pregnant women should avoid taking drinks that contain caffeine. These drinks have a stimulating fact on the body. These drinks cause dehydration being diuretic in nature. Caffeine drinks are the major cause of miscarriage in pregnancy. Women who take caffeine give birth to babies with a low birth weight. Therefore, it is beneficial to avoid drinks like tea and coffee. You should also avoid other caffeine sources like chocolate and soda drinks.