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DIY 10 Day Papaya Diet And It’s Benefits

Papaya diet is the latest fad in the world of diets. As the name suggests it includes eating just papaya in your diet for 10 days and get an array of health benefits. However, before commencing this diet, it should be remembered that you follow the diet the right way or else it causes health issues. Don’t extend the diet beyond the suggested tenure and consult a health expert if needed.

Health Benefits

The health benefits of this diet including weight loss, relief from constipation and of course detoxification. The idea is to give the body a total cleanse using this laxative fruit, so that both fat loss and weight loss can be achieved. It should be done once in 2 months for best results.

How To Do Papaya Diet

Day 1

Start day by drinking 2 litres of water. On this day, you will not be eating anything else except ripe papaya for lunch and a light papaya for dinner. You can eat other fruits.


Day 2

Day 2 includes drinking water again, and you cannot eat the ripe papaya fruit for more than 2 meals. The other meals may include other raw fruit or vegetables but no cereals or carbs. You can drink papaya juice here, mixed with a fruit of your choice like banana that is filling and nourishing.

Papaya Smoothie

Day 3, 4 And 5

On these 3 days, you have to drink 2 spoons of extra virgin olive oil with warm water and lemon in the morning. On these 3 days, only papaya is allowed for all meals, in small portions. Doing so reduces inflammation, gets rid of toxins and parasites from the system.

Day 3, 4 And 5

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Day 5, 6 And 7

During these 3 days, slight stomach pain may occur. You continue with the water, olive oil and lemon juice and papaya diet. But you are allowed to eat yogurt, rice and other soft foods on these 3 days. Make sure to avoid dairy and sugar though.

Stomach Problems

Day 8, 9 And 10

On the last 3 days you will be allowed fishes, legumes, broths and even other vegetables. But all of this should be accompanied with a bowl of papaya and small portions of the other. You can drink olive oil on these last 3 days too. But remember that your quantity of papaya should not be compromised.


Post these 10 days, you can start off with your regular diet again, and return to this again after 5-6 weeks.