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DIY Excellent Homemade Steam Facial To Beat The Summer Heat

Summers are best time of the year to flaunt beautiful skin and relish in delicious summer fruits. But with all these, it also brings along sweat, hot winds and unbearable heat. Your skin needs extra care during the summer season to shield it from damage. High rising temperature will make your skin look dull and lifeless. You not only get tanned easily under the sun, excessive sweat, grime and dirt also blocks the pores of your skin. This results in acne and pimples.

Homemade Steam Facial

So, the question is how to deal with these skin issues an also enjoy the pleasure of the summer season? The best way to shield your skin from damage of the scorching heat is the use of homemade steam facials. You no longer need to visit the salons to get expensive facial treatments. You can effortlessly flaunt glowing and beautiful skin by getting steam facial done right in the comforts of your home. Steaming is also the best way to relax your face after a long tiring day at work. It also increases blood circulation to your face and opens the clogged pores so you can easily remove impurities. It’s time to pamper your skin with this amazing homemade steam facial!

Homemade Steam Facial For Summers:

The pollution and humidity of summers can cause irritation in the skin. Giving yourself steam facial is the best way to remove dirt from your skin and impart a fresh flow. This steam facial is very easy to do and you do not have to spend long hours also. Steam facial should be used once weekly and, if you have oily skin it can even be repeated twice every week. The basic ingredients required to do this facial include water, lemon, green tea, mint leaves and fennel seeds. All these ingredients are easily available in your kitchen shelves and are even not expensive. Take a look at this step by step guide to homemade steam facial.

mint leaves

Step 1

Before starting your facial, it is important to clean your skin from dirt and grime. Use a mild cleanser to remove any trace of makeup. After cleaning pat your skin dry using a soft towel. Boil about ½ litres to 1 litre water and transfer it to a clean and flat bowl.


Step 2

Take 1-2 lemons and slice them into pieces using a knife. Add this sliced lemon to the boiled water in the bowl. Lemons are loaded with Vitamin C and offer amazing benefits to the skin. The use of lemons will rejuvenate the skin and the fragrance is also very refreshing. However, if lemons are not suitable for your skin, you can even replace them with oranges.


Step 3

Next you need to add mint leaves into the water. It is well known that mint leaves have anti-inflammatory properties that will calm and soothe the skin. The amazing aroma of the mint leaves will not only refresh you, but it will even soothe the irritated senses and nerves. As it is also rich in Vitamin A, the use of mint leaves also helps in controlling oiliness. Mint leaves are the perfect ingredient for facial during summer season as it imparts coolness in the hot atmosphere.

mint leaves

Step 4

Take 1 tbsp of fennel seeds and add this to the water along with the above ingredients. Fennel seeds are considered to be excellent cleanser and toner for the skin, especially during the summers. It also rejuvenates the skin and imparts a radiant appearance.

fennel seeds

Step 5

Now to this water, add 1 tbsp of green tea. Green tea is loaded with skin benefitting properties and will make your skin softer and glowing in the summers. It also helps in reducing inflammation and sun damage. Green tea is also known to contain Polyphenols, a component that helps in reducing the signs of aging.

green tea

Step 6

Finally mix all the ingredients with a big spoon. The water may turn slightly yellow, but that is ok. It is just an indication of the herbs added to the water. Take a big towel and place it over the head to avoid any steam from escaping. The temperature of the water should not be very high as it may damage or irritate the skin. You can take this steam for 20 minutes. However, people with sensitive skin should not do it more than 10 minutes. After you have finishes, pat your skin dry and use a good quality toner and moisturizer afterwards.

skin dry

This steam facial is very effective during summers and can work wonders for your skin. All the ingredients used in this homemade steam facial are healthy and absolutely safe to use. If you have never tried this one, do it now!