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DIY Guide To Wash Your Face The Right Way


You need a guide to wash your face? We have been doing it for years. But do you actually do it the right way. The sad thing is that a lot of people do know all about washing the face, but they are not really following the right techniques.

The problem is that if you are not washing your face correctly, then you are putting your skin at risks of getting dirtier and also wrinkled. On the other hand it also means that your face wash or soap will really not provide good results.

So Here Is The Correct Method Of Washing Your Face.

 Choose The Right Face Wash

Remember you can pick from a range of face washes that include foaming, gel or even liquid ones. Pick something that suits your skin type because you are at a risk of not getting desired results. Soap will not give you the same result as a face wash so make sure that you are using the right face wash.



You should not just use any kind of water on the face. If the water is dirty or filled with chemicals and laden with bad minerals, it will spoil your skin. So make sure that the water you use is clean. Also, the temperature of the water is important. Very hot or very cold water is going to make your skin wrinkle and shrivel, so avoid doing the same. You must use either luke warm or room temperature water to wash the face. Wet your face with water before applying the wash.


Taking The Face Wash

Always wash the hand before taking soap or washing the face. Else you will just add more dirt to the skin there. Use a coin sized portion of the face wash in your palm. Remember that this is the ideal quantity suggested for all kinds of face washes. If you are using a medicated one, then make sure that you don’t use too much because it again does more harm than. Even the dirtiest of face can be cleaned with this quantity. Now rub your palms together so that wash spreads all over your hand.


Apply On Face

Now that you already have water on the face and wash in your hand, you must gently rub the face wash all over the skin. Now this should be done in gentle, circular motions. Else, rubbing the skin too vigorously is going to mean that you are adding more tension. This process should be done for at least a minute. Else, the dirt won’t really go away from the face.


Wash Foam Off

Now you need to open the tap and get some more of clean, room temperature water to rinse off this foam. Splash water generously all over till all the traces of soap and foam are gone. If the same stays on the face, then you will get itchy and blotchy skin very soon. Foam on the face is also going to make skin react.

Washing Face

Wipe Face

The next step is very important because you should use a clean towel for wiping face. The towel should be soft or it will hurt your soft skin. Also, make sure that the face is completely dry, else you will have trouble applying makeup or cream. The towel should not be shared also because this also puts you at risk of getting infections.