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DIY- Homemade Coconut Oil Pulling Chews

DIY- Homemade Coconut Oil Pulling Chews

Oil pulling basically involves swishing of oil (usually coconut oil) in the mouth for 5 to 20 minutes. This is an age old practice and the basic idea behind oil pulling is to remove toxins from the body and to remove the bacteria present in the mouth. It has been found that it reduces plaque buildup in the mouth, keeps the teeth clean and promotes overall oral hygiene. Usually coconut oil is used for oil pulling as it has natural antibacterial properties and hence helps in the elimination of bacteria in the mouth. One of the best ways to do oil pulling is by making coconut oil pulling chews at home by combining coconut oil with essential oil of your choice. Mentioned below is the method of preparing coconut oil pulling chews at home.

Recipe To Make Coconut Oil Pulling Chews:


Half cup of organic and pure coconut oil and 20 drops of essential oil like peppermint, clove, cinnamon etc. (If you are pregnant or nursing then seek the advice of doctor)



Heat the coconut oil on a double boiler (large vessel containing hot water). When the oil just melts add the essential oils of your choice (peppermint oil will add a zest of freshness to your mouth while clove oil is good for toothaches and dental problems). Mix well. Now pour the mixture in silicon moulds and place it in the fridge/freezer. Once the chews are set remove them and place them in an airtight container. Put the airtight container in the fridge.

Whenever you wish to do oil pulling just take on coconut oil pulling chew and pop it in your mouth. Let it melt in the mouth (this will just take a few seconds). Now swish the oil gently and slowly in the mouth for about 5 minutes (with regular practice you will be able to swish the oil for even 20 minutes). Now spit the oil in trash. Remember never to swish the oil in the drain as the coconut oil will solidify in the drainage pipe. Never swallow the oil after oil pulling. After you have finished oil pulling rinse your mouth with tepid water followed by brushing and flossing of teeth.


So for dental hygiene regularly practice oil pulling. This is better than using mouth wash as mouth wash has chemicals and alcohol content and as a result causes burning sensation in the mouth. Besides most good quality mouth washes are expensive. Use this old but unique method and maintain oral hygiene.