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DIY Homemade Sage And Sea Salt Toothpowder

DIY Homemade Sage And Sea Salt Toothpowder

Oral hygiene is as important as maintaining healthy skin and healthy body. We subject our mouth to a number of harmful chemicals daily in the form of commercially available toothpastes and tooth powder. It is therefore a god idea to make safe and simple tooth powder at home which will serve the purpose of cleaning the teeth and will also not expose the teeth to the harshness of harmful chemicals.Sea salt has antibacterial properties, keeps foul odor away and helps maintain healthy gums. Sage also has antibacterial properties. It has healing properties and helps fight oral infections like gingivitis.

Mentioned Below Are Three Methods Of Making Tooth Powder At Home Using Sage And Sea Salt:

Method 1


Three tablespoons of sea salt and one tablespoon of fresh sage leaves



Mix the sea salt and sage leaves. Place the mixture in an oven. Bake it in the oven till the mixture is dried. One needs to keep a close watch while the mixture dries in the oven in order to avoid burning of the mixture. Cool the dried mixture. Grind the mixture to a fine powder in the grinder and store it in air tight container.

tothpowder 1

Method 2


Two tablespoons of bentonite clay (nourishes the gums and teeth) one tablespoon of baking powder, one tablespoon of sea salt, one tablespoon of dried and finely powdered sage leaves, few drops of peppermint essential oil.

ingredients 2


Take all the ingredients except the peppermint essential oil in a plastic bowl. Mix all the ingredients well using a plastic spoon. Now add the peppermint essential oil and mix well. Store the tooth powder in a plastic container as bentonite clay loses its important properties when it comes in contact with metals.

toothpowder 2

Method 3


One tablespoon of finely ground sea salt, egg shells (they are rich source of calcium),one tablespoon of dried and finely ground sage leaves, half tablespoon of baking powder, half tablespoon of dried and finely ground neem leaves.



Boil the egg shells in water for 10 minutes to kill the pathogens. Air dry and grind the egg shells to a fine powder. Take two tablespoons of the egg shell powder in a bowl. Add all the other ingredients to it and mix well. Sore the tooth powder in an air tight container.


The best thing about tooth powder is that they have a longer shelf life as compared to toothpaste. You can continue using any of the above tooth powders till the aroma of sage exists in them.Simply dip your brush into the tooth powder and brush your teeth with it twice daily to keep your teeth and gums strong and healthy and free from infections.