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DIY-Homemade Simple Anti-Inflammatory Syrup

DIY-Homemade Simple Anti-Inflammatory Syrup

We all encounter inflammations like rashes which is accompanied by redness and swelling. Though these types of inflammations may not really be harmful; they are the cause of lots of discomfort and irritation. It therefore becomes necessary to use medicines that can control the situation and also prevents further degradation in the condition. Instead of taking anti-inflammatory syrups from the market which can cause adverse side effects it always makes more sense to prepare the medicine at home using easily available natural ingredients .Mentioned below is the recipe for homemade anti inflammatory syrup which is made from natural ingredients available in our homes.

Recipe For Anti Inflammatory Syrup:


2 tablespoons of honey (Honey has antibacterial properties and gives relief from inflammation) ,1 tablespoon of Ceylon cinnamon (This has very good anti inflammatory properties. But make sure you use only Ceylon cinnamon and not cassia and not cassia cinnamon as Ceylon cinnamon has less amount of coumarin and hence is safe for those with bleeding disorders. Also it is pesticide free.),1/2 tablespoon of turmeric powder (We all are very well aware about the medicinal properties of turmeric .It is a good anti inflammatory agent),a pinch of cayenne pepper( It is known to give relief from pain and is also good for colds and congestion).



The procedure for the preparation of this anti inflammatory syrup is very simple. Grind the cinnamon to a fine powder. In a bowl add the honey, cinnamon powder, turmeric powder and the cayenne pepper and mix well to form a homogenous mixture. Your home made anti-inflammatory syrup is ready. Have this syrup as and when required.

Since it has all the natural ingredients it is totally safe. However if you are suffering from chronic disease in that case it is better to seek medical advice before consuming this syrup. This syrup is recommended for treatment for rashes due to poison ivy, other such inflammations, cough, colds, nasal congestion etc.If you are preparing the anti inflammatory syrup for children in that case do not add the cayenne pepper. Simply mix honey, turmeric and Ceylon cinnamon powder and give it to children. This syrup is totally safe and effective in case of children. Besides children love the taste of the syrup as it is truly tasty and they will show willingness to have the syrup with great enthusiasm.


So next time you require anti inflammatory syrup then simply opt for this simple homemade recipe which is easy to make , tasty and also very effective.