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9 Amazing DIY Remedies For Burning Sensation In Feet

9 Amazing DIY Remedies For Burning Sensation In Feet

9 Amazing DIY Remedies For Burning Sensation In Feet

Burning sensation in feet has become very common issue for many people. There can be many reasons for the same. Burning sensations can be due to lack of nutrients, arthritis, diabetics, allergic to certain chemicals and many more. Whatever may be the reason, the person suffering from this problem has to suffer a lot. The intensity of pain will vary depending on the type of burning. There are lots of methods to get rid of the same problem. Home remedies should be used in order to get positive as well as effective results. Following are some of the best effective DIY remedies to treat burning sensation in feet.

Here Are Some Amazing DIY Remedies For Burning Sensation In Feet:

Make Sure To Main Good Diet

A good diet including Vitamin B complex as well niacin can help to get rid of burning sensation problem. Person suffering from burning sensation in feet must make sure to take food items including green vegetables, milk, eggs, beans and many more. It will help to add important nutrients into the body and thus eradicate the problem of burning sensation in feet.

healthy Diet

Cold Water Therapy

People suffering from burning sensation in feet can make sure to treat their feet in cold water. Cold water is the best home remedy to get rid of heat and pain that is generated due to burning sensation in feet. Cold water will provide instant relief from the pain. Take a small tub filled with cold water. Put your feet into for a period of few minutes. Carry on this process for many times for getting instant relief. Ice should not be used directly on the feet.

Cold Soak

Applying Ginger To Treat Burning Sensation

Ginger can help to improve blood circulation in the entire body. Intake of ginger is going to help in the problem of burning sensation in feet. Ginger contains many ingredients that help people with burning sensation in feet to get relief. Take some amount of ginger juice and add warm coconut oil into it. Mix this solution and apply it directly on the feet. Massage well on the feet for obtaining best results. Ginger tea can also work wonder to get rid of burning sensations.


Using Turmeric To Treat Burning Sensation

Turmeric is very rich in cucumin that can help to enhance the flow of blood throughout the body. The anti inflammatory property of turmeric can work as wonder to reduce down the burning sensation in feet. Add some amount of turmeric powder into warm glass of milk. This milk can be taken twice a day in order to get better results. Turmeric paste can also be applied directly on the feet for instant relief.


Proper Exercise To Avoid Burning Sensation

The burning sensation in feet occurs mainly when the blood circulation is hampered in that part of body. Thus, it must be made sure that there is proper circulation of blood in the body. It will help to avoid nervous system disorders such as burning sensation in feet. Carry out proper exercise on daily basis to stay fit and healthy.


Walking Barefoot To Treat Burning Sensation In Feet

Proper acupressure can help to avoid the condition of burning sensation in feet. Thus, make sure to walk barefoot on grass or other natural surroundings. It will help to increase the rate of blood circulation to feet and thus avoid burning sensation. Remove footwear and try to walk without it for few period of time.

Walking Barefoot

Use Of Vinegar To Treat Burning Sensation

Vinegar can help to treat the problem of burning sensation in feet. People suffering from this problem must take equal amount of vinegar and water to make a solution that is appropriate for foot bath. This home remedy can be applied twice a day for best results.


Using Peppermint Oil To Treat Burning Sensation

Take few drops of rosemary oil and peppermint oil to some water and soak the feet into it for some period of time. The burning and pain sensation can be treated with this method. Equal amount of oil must be taken. Lavender oil can also be added to it for better results.

Peppermint Oil

Application Of Castor Oil

Castor oil is the best oil that can be directly applied on the feet in order to avoid burning sensation in feet. Castor oil can be directly applied or can be used in some warm water to soak the feet into it. It is the best oil that can provide good relief from the problem of burning sensation.

Castor oil

These are all the best home remedies to treat burning sensation in feet.