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Do Not Let Stress Get The Better Of You


Stress has become a part and parcel of life. In today’s fast pace of life, people feel frazzled, drained out of energy and become easily weary of life. The constant feeling of fatigue and worn out nerves take a toll upon the mind and the body and make you really ill and poorly fitted to deal and cope up with office work, household chores, kids and other day to day tasks. Here are some simple ways to deal with stress and manage your day to day life with a light mind and heart.

Here Are The 7 Ways To Get Rid Of Stress:

Deep Breathing And Yoga

Deep breathing not only reaches more oxygen to the brain and optimizes its function but it also cools and calms the mind and increases your energy level. Sit on a mat in a cross legged position. Place your hands on your knees with palms facing upwards. Keep your back straight and relax the rest of your body. Inhale deeply to the count of five then hold your breath till the count of four. Exhale the air slowly till the count of six then again hold your breath till the count of four. Inhale again and repeat. Do this pranayam every morning for ten to fifteen minutes.

Deep Breathing And Yoga


After the pranayam, keep sitting with your eyes closed. Let your waste and idle thoughts wash over you. Do not resist them. Concentrate on your breathing and keep your mind focused on it. Gradually your mind will become calm and new energy will start flowing into your body. Meditate for ten minutes to revitalize your mind and body and to increase your powers of perception and understanding. Meditation will genuinely improve your condition and life because you will be able to see everything from a clearer point of view and you will be able to create new avenues and channels and make the necessary changes to make the quality of life better. You can also take frequent short breaks of five minutes and just breathe in and out deeply to keep your mind clear and well focused.


Do Not Work On An Empty Stomach

The first priority is to eat well and to eat healthy and nourishing foods which will provide the mind and the body with all the vital nutrients which the body requires to function optimally. No matter how much the work load is or how much you are pressed for time, the first concern, is to fill your belly with wholesome food then tackle your multiple tasks. The right kind of food like fresh fruits and vegetables, milk, curd, nuts and wholesome grains, strengthen the body and enable it perform easily and effortlessly. You should eat a diet which contains lots of green leafy vegetables, carrots and tomatoes. Include one fresh seasonal fruit and a cup of homemade curd. You can snack on a handful of nuts like almonds or walnuts or even peanuts whenever you feel hungry. All these foods will provide all the essential vitamins and minerals and increase the functionality of the mind and the body. Another important fact to keep in mind is to avoid late hours, alcohol and smoking. Also, do not get worked up into a frenzied temper. Reduce your agitation and compose your mind into a calm and placid frame. The moment you release the nervous tension, your anxieties will become subdued and you will be able to deal with the situation from a new angle and a new perspective.

Empty Stomach

Drink Holy Basil Tea

Herbal tea made out of holy basil can really help you feel refreshed and less stressed out. Whenever the pressure builds up just boil a cup of water and steep a few fresh leaves of holy basil into it for ten minutes. Strain the tea and drink it. Holy basil has a cooling and calming effect on the mind and promotes spiritual peace. It also enhances the function of the brain and sharpens the memory. Three or four cups of this tea daily will also boost your immunity and keep your body free from germs and toxins.

Holy Basil Tea

Take Fish Oil Everyday

Fish oil is full of omega 3 fatty acids which are required by the brain in very large amounts. A deficiency of omega 3 fatty acids can slow down the thinking processes and lead to a lethargic and muddled brain and thus aggravate depression. These essential fatty acids are an integral part of the production of hormones that control inflammation, relaxation of arterial walls and blood clotting. They also reduce blood triglyceride levels and are required for normal metabolism. You can take two capsules of fish oil on a regular basis and also include fish like tuna, salmon, trout, herring and sardines in your daily diet.

Fish Oil

Calm Your Mind With Chamomile Tea

Chamomile is a daisy like plant which has innumerable medicinal, nutritional and cosmetic benefits. The tea is made by steeping one teaspoon of dried chamomile into a cup of boiling water for ten to fifteen minutes. A hot steaming cup of chamomile tea is just what you need to relieve anxiety, nervousness, tensions and fears. This refreshing tea will instantly soothe and calm your raw nerves and subdue anxiety and distress thereby enabling you to deal with your problems with a fresh spurt of energy and vigor. A cup of chamomile tea at bedtime will also help you sleep soundly through the night. After a night of complete repose, your problems and worries which were of mammoth proportions the night before will seem puny and paltry in the morning.

Chamomile Tea


Flaxseeds are a storehouse of valuable nutrients and most important of all-omega 3 fatty acids. Flaxseeds will not only energize your body but they will also boost immunity and enhance the function of the nervous system. Their high content of polyphenol antioxidants, lignans and fiber make them highly eligible for preventing various diseases and disorders. You can grind flaxseeds and store the meal in an airtight jar. Mix two tablespoons of the meal with your cereal every morning and consume it. Quite soon, you will notice a marked difference in your energy level as well as your temperament.