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Eggs Are The Ultimate Super Proteins For Your Body


With time and age, every person gradually develops and the changes are reflected by the change in their bodies. But what actually causes our body to grow? That’s a question we should all ask. Proteins are the major contributor to our body’s functioning and development. For growing and maintaining, our body needs hormones and enzymes and this is where protein comes in.

It gives our body the ability to form and repair new cells through which our bodies can develop. Proteins constitute a large part of the human body just like water. They make up all the muscles in the body.

Eggs And Proteins

Proteins are not the primary source of energy for our body although they do contain some calories. They are not built up in the body due to which a healthy diet comprises of large quantities of proteins. Animal sources are used to ingest the body with protein which includes meat, fish and milk and some vegetables are also used. But the ultimate animal source of protein food is eggs. They have a high biological value and are considered to be the best source of natural protein.

Eggs And Proteins

Muscle Building And Eggs

When it comes to the task of building muscles, eggs can play a vital role in providing bodybuilders with the amount of amino acids they require. Eggs are considered to be the most valuable source of protein when you are looking to increase your muscle mass. They are one of the most complete foods available because they have their share of vitamins and amino acids that are optimal for muscle recovery.

Muscle Building

Raw Form or Cooked

There are basically two ways through which you could take your eggs in order to get the most benefit from them and can be taken raw or cooked. Eggs can be taken raw, although many people consider raw eggs to be a taboo but in actual, cooking eggs can lead to the loss of some enzymes and alter their chemical balance due to which raw eggs are preferred. Eggs can also be cooked and egg whites in particular are very beneficial. Think poached, fried, scrambled or any other way that you like it.

Raw Form or Cooked

Ultimate Benefits of Eggs

As there are other sources of protein for the body, people generally ask why nutritionists deem eggs to be the ultimate source of protein. Moreover, there are also misconceptions that having too many eggs is a disadvantage. But, this recommendation of experts can be explained by having a look at the number of benefits they have to offer.

Ultimate Benefits of Eggs

As A Dietary Protein

For building muscle mass, protein is essential and eggs are an ideal source to obtain it. After working out, the muscles need to heal up and amino acids are needed for this purpose. Your muscles will be able to recover faster if egg protein is consumed immediately after a workout. It is possible to workout frequently with a faster recovery process and this is especially beneficial for aspiring athletes and bodybuilders.

As A Dietary Protein

Easier Absorption

Egg protein is also absorbed by the body at a higher rate as compared to other sources. Hence, not only is it easier to digest as compared to other forms of proteins, but it also means that they are well digested, with least chances of side effects.


Egg protein does not lead to weight gain as it does not comprises of a high number of calories. The yolk might have some fat but the egg whites are free of any saturated and trans fat.

Rich In Amino Acids

Another benefit of eggs is that it is a complete protein i.e. it has all the vital amino acids required. These acids support the immune system and help maintain balance in the body.

Low Cost And Easy To Cook

Unlike meat, eggs are a cheap and inexpensive way of adding proteins to your diet. This is the most economical cost protein that you can find. Be it the time needed for cooking or even the cost. You can cook an egg in less than two minutes and not worry about nutrition. So it works out great for the entire family.

Easy To Cook