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Five Diy Homemade And Organic Creamy Body Masks

Our body skin is often neglected or overlooked. Some people give excuses of shortage of time, some do not like to give some extra pressure on their pocket and some lazy type people think why they should spend energy to take care of that body par which remains covered most of the time under beautiful garments. But, this concept is totally wrong. A smooth and well maintained body skin brings confidence for which you will not be afraid of wearing dresses made of transparent dress material. If you have pretty leg, hand or back skin then you will not be afraid of wearing short skirts or hot pants with backless sleeveless top.

Moreover, regular body skin care prevents wrinkles and keeps your skin soft, smooth and look young. You may get various body pack in the market but most of them are costly and some of the ingredients used in the pack may not be suitable for you. In that case, the whole packet of that specific product will be rejected. So, risk factors are always be there if you buy ready-made body pack. Stand in front of your refrigerator, kitchen shelf and the fruit basket, you will get lots of ingredients to pamper your body. This article will give you a few homemade recipe of body pack.

Here Are The Five Diy Homemade And Organic Creamy Body Masks:

1. Cocoa, Milk And Olive Oil Body Pack

This type of body pack is excellent for all types of skin. Take 2-3 tablespoons cocoa powder, 1 cup full cream milk and 1 tablespoon olive oil. Mix well and massage that on your whole body. Cocoa powder is rich with antioxidants which prevents wrinkles. Moreover, it also works as exfoliate and removes the dead skin from the outermost layer of the skin. Milk hydrates and cleanses your skin intensely and olive oil moisturizes the skin. Moreover, a rich content of vitamin E in olive oil improves the skin’s texture and enhances its glow. A weekly cocoa body pack is needed to improve the glow of the skin.


2. Honey, Lemon And Chick Pea Powder

Squeeze one lemon and preserve the juice. Take 3-4 tablespoons chickpea powder and pour 2 tablespoons honey in it. Pour the lemon juice also. Mix well. You can use little amount of water if the mixture gets very tight. After that, give your whole body a thin layer of this pack. Leave it for 15-20 minutes and then wash it with cold water. Lemon helps to remove tan and enhances glow of the skin supplying adequate vitamin C to it. Honey is a great moisturizer and contains rich antioxidants. Chick pea powder works as scrubber to scrub out grease, dirt and dead skin.


3. Mayonnaise And Sesame Oil

Take 1 cup homemade mayonnaise and add 2 tablespoon sesame oil in it. Mix well. Mayonnaise itself contains a good amount of oil but to make it creamier add sesame oil. Sesame oil contains minerals like copper, manganese, calcium and magnesium which improve the health of the skin. The sesame oil is rich in antioxidants which gets absorbed in the skin and nourishes your skin from deep inside and makes your skin soft and wrinkle free. Use this body pack at least twice a week.


4. Banana, Papaya And Castor Oil

Take one banana, ½ portion of a moderate size ripe papaya and 2 tablespoons castor oil. Add them in a grinder and grind them to smooth paste. Apply a thick layer of this paste all over your body. Leave it to get dry and then wash with plain water. But, before wash do not forget to massage your body with gentle round stroke. This helps to enhance blood circulation all over your body. Both fruits contain antiaging property and help your skin to fight against free radicals. Castor oil is rich with vitamin E and it helps to moisturize your skin. Apply this body pack at least once a week and get a soft, smooth and younger looking body skin.


5. Saffron, Milk And Rosemary Oil

Soak a few strands of saffron in a cup of hot milk overnight. Grind some oatmeal to powder and add them to the milk. Add a few drops of rosemary oil in the milk. Mix everything well to a smooth paste. Apply this paste all over your body. Now massage it in circular motion over your body. Massaging not only helps in better blood circulation, it also helps is better absorption. Milk hydrates and improves the health of the skin supplying adequate nutrients to the skin. Saffron makes your skin fair and younger looking. Rosemary oil is excellent for skin which helps to rejuvenates and tones your skin, removes wrinkles and bags of the skin. Powerful antiseptic property of this oil helps to fight body acne and lightens black spots. It also slows down the ageing of the skin. A weekly application is needed for a better result.


Follow these body packs at regular basis along with a healthy diet and adequate intake of water. You will soon be a beautiful person from top to bottom.