Cold and cough do not spare anybody. It may attack any one of any age and at any season. Whether it is too hot or too cold or too humid, you may catch a cold. In dry weather also people may catch a cold and here the main reason is allergy. Some people are allergic to some foods and most of the people are allergic to dust. By any chance, if you fall in that situation you may catch a cold. The symptoms are runny nose, throat ache, swelling, red watery eyes, muscle and joint ache, lack of appetite, etc. Whatever may be the reason cold should be treated with great care at early stage because this uneasy state of the body really hampers your regular life and in most of the extreme cases it is accompanied with fever. Moreover, cold and cough is infectious and it may spread from one person to another. To get a prompt recovery we take help of the cold medicines. But, nowadays people have a tendency to go natural. This article will help you in making some natural remedies of cold and cough. These natural remedies are efficient to control the production of mucus and to cleanse the system, to boost immunity and to take necessary after care of cold and cough.

Here Are Remedies Of Cold

1. Ginger Juice And Honey:

Ginger juice and honey is effective to treat your cold effectively. Ginger has antiviral and antibacterial and decongestant properties. Honey also has some properties in addition it can soothe a scratchy throat naturally. Take this ginger, one of the most common ingredients of kitchen and grate it. Strain the juice. Take fresh root of ginger so that you will get a good amount of juice. Mix a teaspoon honey with a teaspoon of ginger juice and lick it slowly. You will have a relief from runny nose, throat ache and sneezing soon. Nonetheless, practice this method sincerely twice or thrice a day. [1]


2. Turmeric And Mustard Oil:

Turmeric and mustard oil are very helpful for cold and cough especially when you have blocked nose. Grind some fresh turmeric to paste, mix a few drops of pure mustard oil in it and mix well mix this turmeric paste with steamed rice and eat. This pungent smell of turmeric serves to open the blocked nose. Antiviral, antifungal, antibacterial and antiallergic properties of turmeric help to solve the problem of cold. Both oil and turmeric helps to boost immunity power of the body and take good after care of the body. Eat turmeric mustard oil rice at least once daily and see the difference. [2]


3. Spicy Sweet Solution:

In a bowl pour 3 glasses of water. Add 3-4 bay leaves, 6-7 pepper corn, 1 crushed nutmeg and 1 tablespoon of jaggery. Boil everything on low flame till the solution reduced to one glass. Drink 2-3 tablespoons of this solution each time. It is better to make it slightly warm before intake. Practice this twice or thrice a day. It helps to remove mucus from your chest, clears your nose and takes excellent care of throat ache.


4. Cumin And Garlic:

Take 2 tablespoons of butter or butter oil and melt them add 1 teaspoon cumin seed and 5-6 crushed garlic. Fry them on low flame for around 2 minutes and then add some rice with it. Mix well and eat. Both black cumin and garlic are beneficial for cold. [4]


5. Spice Tea:

Spice tea is good for cold especially when the reason of catching cold is too much exposure to water. Take a cup of water. Add one green cardamom, one clove and a small piece of cinnamon in it. Boil the water and add milk. Boil everything. Remove it from oven. Add 1 teaspoon tea leaves and keep the lid on for 4-5 minutes, strain and drink hot. It is really beneficial.