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Foods To Eat And Avoid For Osteopenia Diet

Foods To Eat And Avoid For Osteopenia Diet

Osteopenia is a condition of bone loss that is not as acute as osteoporosis. But it is a problem of the bone that needs immediate attention. Loss of bone density can lead to acute health issues. It has been seen that changing your diet really helps in treating this problem. A lot of individuals tend to only exercise or do massage for treating osteopenia but they are not aware that diet changes really helps in improving this condition.

Here Are Some Foods To Avoid And Eat During The Osteopenia Diet Treatment:

Avoid Very Acidic Foods

Too much acidity in the body affects immune reactions and leads to deprivation of oxygen from many cells. The body tries to balance this acidity by releasing alkaline minerals. But lack of alkaline minerals can lead to acidic build up. This results in lower energy levels, damaging of cells and fatal consequences in the long run. Your diet should focus on eating a balance of both alkaline and acidic foods to maintain normal body functioning. Osteopenia diet should avoid artificial sweeteners, aerated or carbonate drinks, caffeine based drinks like coffee. You can balance the intake by having more of leafy veggies and fruits that are alkaline.

Fruits And Vegetables

Include Anti-inflammatory Foods To Avoid Pain

Osteopenia diet should include anti-inflammatory foods to provide respite from pain. There are a lot of foods that have anti-inflammatory foods benefits, without the risks of any adverse reaction. These are great in test and apart from reducing inflammation, you also benefit by getting added nutrients. Most of these foods are rich in vitamins and minerals enhance the functioning of the immune system. These foods are vital for the body as they help to regulate swelling and inflammation, when consumed in a balanced way. Some of the foods that are rich in anti-inflammatory properties are vegetables, fruits, fish oils, which contain omega-3 fatty acids. Apart from this, nuts, seeds, spices like turmeric and ginger and even extra virgin olive oil are great anti-inflammatory agents.

antiflammator food

Have More Of Calcium

Calcium is an essential nutrient that helps in growth and development. Calcium rich foods are high in this mineral and are especially important for women and children. It helps to reduce risk of diseases related to bone like arthritis and weakening of bones. Foods that are calcium rich should be consumed at least thrice by kids and four times by adults. This is the apt amount of calcium required by the body.Apart from this most dairy foods and their by-products are very rich in calcium and these include milk, cheese of various kinds, yogurt and eggnog and even shakes made using the same.

Full-Fat Dairy

Manage Weight With Good Cholesterol

Osteopenia diet are safe to be consumed by anyone, even if they are not suffering from cholesterol issues. Lower cholesterol levels also means reduction of high blood pressure along with other heart diseases. It should be remembered that large cholesterol deposits on the artery walls leads to blockage and this affects the blood flow, increasing risks of heart attack. Grains, fruits and vegetables are low in bad cholesterol. Even fish and poultry along with wine are recommended for a healthy diet and balanced levels of cholesterol. Nuts, soy-based products, brown rice and seeds like flax seeds are recommended.

Weight Loss

Avoid Oily And Fatty Foods

Oily and fatty foods result in weight gain. In such reference, they should avoid refined oils along with sugars as they have inflammatory properties. So what happens here is that your body tends to have more of pain and that further worsens this problem.

Avoid oily And Heavy Food

Avoid Intake Of Carbs

Osteopenia diet should include minimal carbs and starchy foods. They tend to cause faster weight gain. Instead, one should opt for healthier carbs. Like, white rice is high on carbohydrates, but also on calories and fat. Instead, brown rice is a better substitute as it has healthy carbs along with providing fibrous and more nutrients to the body. If we don’t consume a healthy and balance diet, then levels of energy would go down. High energy foods should be eaten during the morning hours as it enhances stamina and helps you last through the day.

Brown Rice

Avoid High-Sugar Intake

All kinds of foods provide energy to the body. However, there are some foods that can be easily converted to energy and aid in many bodily functions. But keep in mind that not all foods that provide high levels of energy are good for health. For instance, sugar based products like lemonade and sweet dishes may give you instant energy, but also lead to higher risks of diseases like diabetes. Fat is a nutrient that is dense in energy, only if consumed in healthier forms.


Eat Iron Rich Foods

Eating more of iron rich foods is suggested in the Osteopenia diet because it helps in improving your bone functions. It also helps in protein synthesis and easier absorption of calcium. So have more of broccoli, spinach and other similar leafy greens.

Green Leafy Vegetables