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5 Top Significant Health Benefits Of Quinoa

Benefits Of Quinoa

Quinoa a highly versatile super food is a diet staple for millions of people around the world. The crunchy, creamy and delicious quinoa is a powerhouse of numerous essential minerals, fiber and high quality protein. Quinoa also holds the distinction of being the only grain which contains all the essential amino acids.  A gluten free, low sodium and low cholesterol breakfast grain, quinoa has been around since the time of the Incas.

Here Are 5 Top Proven Health Benefits Of Quinoa:

Promotes Healthy Blood Sugar Levels

Quinoa which is often referred to as the super grain of the future, keeps blood sugar levels normal. A combination of complex carbohydrates and insoluble fiber in quinoa prevents blood glucose levels from spiking drastically. For this very reason, quinoa has become one of the best food choices in a diabetic diet plan. To manage blood sugar levels, diabetic patients are advised to consume at least one bowl of quinoa every day.

Blood Sugar

Prevents Anemia

Quinoa contains vast caches of iron. This grain is also a good source of vitamin C. Vitamin C is essential for the proper absorption of heme and non heme iron. One cup of cooked quinoa provides nearly fifteen percent of RDI or Recommended Dietary Intake of iron. Quinoa is especially recommended for women, who have higher iron requirements as compared to men.


Essential for Healthy Heart

The high fiber content of this pseudo grain can reduce the risk of heart ailments by a whopping nineteen percent. Quinoa has appreciable amounts of magnesium and potassium, which keeps blood pressure levels under control thereby reducing the risk of heart diseases. Quinoa, which is also called Inca rice, helps to bring down overall cholesterol levels of the body.

Healthy Heart

Reduced Migraine Attacks

Inclusion of quinoa is the daily diet plan can be extremely beneficial to people who suffer from debilitating migraine attacks. The high magnesium, vitamin B2 and riboflavin levels of quinoa can relax blood vessels in the brain. Keeping the blood vessels in the brain in a dilated state can thwart possible migraine attacks.

Migraine Attacks

Promotes Healthy Digestion

To promote optimal digestion and also to keep the digestive tract healthy, eat one bowl of cooked quinoa every single day. The high fiber content of this particular grain can prevent common digestive disorders that lead to constipation.  Additionally, the high riboflavin content of quinoa, aids in the formation of the cells which line the digestive tract.