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4 Helpful Tips To Eliminate Body Odor At Home

4 Helpful Tips To Eliminate Body Odor At Home

4 Helpful Tips To Eliminate Body Odor At Home

An unpleasant body odor can degenerate our confidence level significantly. It is an embarrassment to smell odd when we are in the midst of people as in the office or any other public places. Body odor might seem to be a trivial issue but when people feel gross about us, our boost of self-assurance can be shattered within a split of a second. Hence, this problem must be solved as soon as possible.

Some Remedies That Can Be Tried At Home Are:

Apple Cider Vinegar:

Excessive sweating and the accumulation of bacteria are the main reasons for bad body odor. The apple cider vinegar can neutralize the pH level of the skin and hence kills the bacteria. Just splash a little vinegar on your under arms after taking bath. Be careful not to do this when there is a wound or scratch in your under arms as this can cause pain. Avoid using vinegar after shave.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Tea Tree Oil:

Tea tree oil is not only antiseptic but it is also antimicrobial. Tea tree oil is a two-in-one solution to this problem. The antiseptic quality eliminates the microorganisms and the sweet fragrance of the oil gives a beautiful aroma to our skin. You can make a deodorizer by mixing the oil with water and spray your under arms habitually.

Tea Tree Oil

Turnip Juice:

Turnip has many good virtues like the anti-fungi quality that can destroy the growth of fungus and Vitamin C which can improve your skin tone. So turnip is also beneficial for dark underarms. Obtain the juice of turnip by grinding and filtering it. Apply it on your underarms and wait till it gets dried off. Then wash off with water.

Turnip Juice


Rosemary is a famous herb in Italian cuisines. Mix the dried rosemary leaves with water and let it soak for some time. Then take bath with the water. The herb can kill bacteria as well as gives an awesome perfume like scent to your body. Another method is by using rosemary powder daily which can keep you fresh and aromatic all day long.


When these simple and hassle-free solutions are at hand, why do you have to worry? Try these out and increase your confidence level!!