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8 Foods To Eat And Avoid For Hiatus Hernia

8 Foods To Eat And Avoid For Hiatus Hernia

People who suffer from hiatus hernia observe acute symptoms of the food coming up to their mouth, through the esophagus. There are certain foods that are digested with ease here, but some foods that are not. Here’s a guide to the foods you should eat and avoid in case you suffer from hiatus hernia-

Foods To Avoid

Citrus Fruits

The fruits that you should avoid here include oranges, lemons, juice, grapefruits, etc. These are acidic fruits and they tend to make the symptoms of the heartburn or bring food from the esophagus more acutely. So try to avoid them.

Citrus Fruits

Spicy Foods

Avoid spicy foods that contain too much of chili and capsaicin based ingredients. In this reference, it includes all kinds of spicier food versions that have chilli like salsa, red chilli flakes, etc.

Spicy Foods

Fatty And Sweet Foods

Fatty foods like fried foods, chicken, heavier cuts of meat, etc. should be avoided as they are very difficult to digest. On the other hand, you should also avoid sweet foods like chocolates and heavier desserts because they might aggravate the symptoms of heart burn.

Avoid Sweet Foods

Dairy Products

Say no to all kinds of dairy products like whole milk, ice cream, creamed food products, etc. You should opt for soy milk instead that is a healthier and lighter version along with goat cheese.

Dairy Products

Foods To Eat

Alkaline Fruits

Think of fruits like bananas and apples that are healthier and alkaline based. They balance the pH levels of the body and help you to prevent the feeling of vomiting and acid reflux.

Banana and apple

Iron Rich Vegetables

Iron rich vegetables like green peas, broccoli, spinach, etc. are advised in the diet for people with hiatus hernia. In this reference, carrots and other iron rich foods too can be consumed safely.

Leafy Greens

Whole Grains

Think of whole grains like bran, oatmeal, brown rice, pasta, bread, etc. made from cereals. These are easier to digest by the body and don’t cause uneasiness in the esophagus.

Whole grains

Fat Free Foods

Fat free and low fat foods are suggested. This includes low fat yogurt, low fat or double toned milk, lean meats that are low on fats and fish too. You can also eat cream cheese that is low fat.

Yogurt (5)