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9 Extremely Beneficial Home Remedies For Bunion Pain

Extremely Beneficial Home Remedies For Bunion Pain

Bunion, known as hallux valgus, is a painful, bony deformity that forms at the base of the big toe. A progressive disorder, bunions develop when the big toe deviates and pushes against the next toe. Bunions, which are characterized by the abnormal enlargement of the tissues or the joints at the base of the large toe, can occur due to a variety of reasons which range from genetic factors to wearing ill fitting shoes. People who suffer from bunions will experience excruciating pain and are also likely to notice excessive swelling and redness around the big toe.  There are numerous home remedies to ease bunion pain and some of these beneficial natural remedies are mentioned below.

Here are 9 Beneficial Home Remedies To Ease Bunion Pain:

1. Castor Oil

To get relief from bunion pain, apply warm castor oil on the affected area. The warmth from the lightly heated castor oil permeates the swollen joint and helps to ease excruciating bunion pain. To prepare this soothing home remedy to ease bunion pain, heat approximately five tablespoons of organic castor oil in a pan. Dip a clean cotton ball in the warm castor oil. Place the cotton ball soaked in castor oil flush against the swollen toe joint. Allow the cotton ball containing the castor oil to remain on the affected area for at least three to four minutes. Repeat the above mentioned steps several times till the pain abates.

Castor Oil

2. Epsom Salt

Soaking your feet in a therapeutic Epsom salt bath is yet another effective home remedy to alleviate bunion pain. Epsom salt or magnesium sulfate which is absorbed through the skin helps to relive swelling and pain by softening the calcification of the toe joints. To prepare the Epsom salt bath dissolve approximately half a cup of Epsom salts in a tub containing two liters of warm water. Soak your feet in the Epsom salt for eight to ten minutes or till such time as the bunion pain lessens.

Epsom Salt

3. Olive Oil

Massaging the affected toe with warm olive oil can help to relive bunion pain to a large extent. The warmth which radiates from the heated olive oil permeates the swollen joint of the big toe and helps to ease the throbbing pain. Heat two large tablespoons of organic olive oil in a saucepan. Dip your fingertips in the heated oil and apply the warm oil on the affected area. Massage the swollen joint gently to get immediate relief from bunion pain.

Olive Oil

4. Red Chili Paste

To ease bunion pain, apply red chili paste on the affected region. Red chili contains a natural component called capsaicin. Capsaicin stimulates the release of a specific compound in the body which temporarily inhibits the ultra sensitive nerve ending’s ability to transport pain signals to the brain. You can prepare a potent red chili paste by grinding a couple of whole chili peppers. Use a small wooden spatula to scoop out the chili paste. Apply the paste liberally on the swollen toe joint. Allow the red chili paste to remain on the large toe for a few a minutes and then wash the excess paste off with cold water. This particular home remedy offers temporary relief from agonizing bunion pain.

Red Chili Paste

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5. Ice Pack

An ice pack can help to numb the pain due to swollen toe joint. Ice packs not only reduce the pain but it also brings down swelling due to bunions. To prepare an improvised ice pack simply place a couple of ice cubes in a large handkerchief. Tie the loose ends of the hankie with a length of twine. Now place the ice pack against the affected area. Allow the ice pack to remain on the big toe for at least ten minutes. Repeat this home remedy every time the bunion pain worsens.

Ice Pack

6. Turmeric

Many people apply turmeric paste to ease the swelling and pain due to bunions. Turmeric, like hot chili peppers, is famed for its ability to desensitize nerve endings which surround the swollen area of the bunions.

For this particular home remedy, mix together two teaspoons of organic turmeric powder with one and a half tablespoons of water to form a thick but spreadable paste. Apply the turmeric paste liberally on the bunion. Allow the turmeric paste to remain on the bunion for five to seven minutes. Finally, wash off the excess turmeric paste with cold water. Follow this home remedy diligently every day for a couple of months to ease bunion pain.


7. Horseradish

Horseradish root which acts as a natural analgesic can help to numb bunion pain. For this very reason, horseradish root has been used for centuries as a natural treatment option for bunions. To prepare this home remedy, finely grate a medium sized horseradish after discarding its outer skin. Cover the affected region with the grated horseradish.  Now tie a length of muslin cloth around the big toe to hold the grated horseradish in place. Allow the horseradish to remain on the big toe for fifteen to twenty minutes. Finally untie the muslin cloth and remove the grated horseradish. Wash your foot thoroughly with cold water.


8. Clove Oil  

To reduce bunion pain apply organic clove oil on the affected area. Organic clove oil contains a phenol called eugenol. Eugenol a major volatile constituent of clove oil is widely used as a topical analgesic agent. To desensitize the swollen area of the foot, apply clove oil liberally. Allow the clove oil to remain on the affected area of the foot for at least three to five minutes. Finally, use warm water to remove the excess clove oil. Repeat this home remedy as often as you can to get immense relief from bunion pain.

Clove Oil

9. Cabbage Leaves

Fresh cabbage leaves is yet another recommended home remedy to get relief from bunion pain. The natural anti-inflammatory property of cabbage leaves can help to ease joint swelling. Once the swelling reduces, the bunion pain will disappear automatically.

For this home remedy, remove the outer leaves of a cabbage. Place the cabbage leaves flush against the swollen joint of the big toe. Use a length of muslin cloth to hold the cabbage leaves in place. Allow the cabbage leaves to remain on the big toe overnight or for three to four hours to get lasting relief from bunion pain. Ideally, you should follow this home remedy for three to four months to get rid of bunion pain completely.

Cabbage Leaves