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5 Homemade Practices To Remove Bad Breath

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One of the major humiliating outcomes of the accumulation of bacteria in our mouth is bad breath. This problem may cause us embarrassment in front of others. Bad mouth odor can destroy our self-confidence to talk in public. This condition can happen to anyone. The reasons for bad breath may vary from person to person like smoking regularly or even certain high dosage medicines can cause this.Some treatments can be tried at home to acquire an improved and fresh breath. Here are some tips:

Here Are Some  Homemade Practices To Remove Bad Breath:

Anti-Microbial Function Of Cloves:

Cloves have the ability to destroy the bacteria present on the tongue and teeth. You can just chomp some clove pieces for few minutes and then swallow them. This is very effective in cleaning the hidden bacteria in our mouth and thus removing the bad odor. Do this few times a week for better results.


Fennel Seeds As A Mouth Cleaner:

Fennel seeds are famous in Indian cuisines. It has been proved to have useful remedies for many problems by our older generations. Fennel can destroy the bacteria since it has anti-bacterial qualities. In addition to that, regular intake of fennel seeds can prevent the intrusion of bacteria in the future. An easy solution is to consume fennel tea daily by boiling a teaspoon of fennel seeds in tea-water for 5 min.

Fennel Seeds

Filtering Effect Of Mint Leaves:

Mint has been used by many of us to cure this problem. It would only be effective if consumed continuously. By chewing mint leaves, our bad mouth odor gets filtered. The components in mint leaf have the power to destroy the bacteria, filtering the stinking smell and allowing the fresh flow of air. So munch on some mint leaves every day to obtain a refreshing breath.

mint leaves

Parsley To Offset The Bacteria:

The chlorophyll content in parsley works as an equalizer in counteracting bacteria. You can simply grind parsley leaves into juice and consume them frequently. This can help to replace the bad breath with a renewed fresh one.


Acidity Of Lemon:

The strong acid in lemon can kill the bacteria preventing them from spreading or even coming back. Lemon can be used as a mouthwash. Mix lemon juice in water and gargle your mouth with the solution. Do this often to eliminate bad breath completely.

Use A Slice Of Fresh Lemon

These techniques can be useful to remove bad breath. Try these at home and do not lose your self-confidence anymore!!