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How To Make A Lime And Ginger Salt Scrub

How To Make A Lime And Ginger Salt Scrub

It is important to exfoliate the skin on a regular basis on in order to remove the dead skin cells. As a result the skin becomes smooth and soft. Moreover regularly exfoliating the skin helps the moisturizer to penetrate deep inside and also helps avoid the menace of ingrown hair. You can make some very good salt scrubs at home which are totally safe for the skin and also not very expensive and give the desired results. Mentioned below are two recipes for the preparation of lime and ginger salt scrub.

Fresh Ginger, Lemon, Vegetable Oil And Salt Scrub:

Ginger has anti inflammatory properties and is gives relief from pains and also rejuvenates the skin. Lemon is good astringent and is useful in getting rid of skin infections and also gives the scrub a pleasant smell. Salt helps in exfoliating the skin and vegetable oil helps in keeping the skin soft and moist.


Half cup of fresh ginger root, half cup of table salt, juice of two lemons, half cup of vegetable oil


Cut the ginger root into small pieces and add it to a blender. Blend to form a smooth paste. To this add the table salt and mix well. Now add the juice of two lemons. Warm the vegetable oil and add it to the mixture and mix well to form a homogeneous but grainy mixture. Exfoliate the skin with this fresh ginger, lemon salt scrub and then rinse your skin with tepid water. Follow the regime daily to get smooth skin.

Fresh Ginger, Lemon, Vegetable Oil And Salt Scrub

Ginger, Lime, Sea Salt And Coconut Oil And Olive Oil Scrub:

In this recipe we make use of lemon essential oil and ginger essential oil. Ginger essential oil has an energizing effect and also gives relief from aches and inflammation. Lemon essential oil helps in tightening the skin, removes dead skin cells and makes the skin bright and beautiful. Coconut oil and olive oil help in keeping the skin moisturized. Sea salt acts as the exfoliating agent.


One cup sea salt, ¼ th cup of coconut oil,4 tablespoons of olive oil,10 drops of lime essential oil ,5 drops of ginger essential oil and zest of one lemon


Melt the coconut oil and to it add the olive oil and mix well. Now add the sea salt, lemon essential oil ,ginger essential oil and zest of a lemon and mix well. Your scrub is ready for use. Use it on a daily basis to exfoliate the skin. Avoid contact with direct sunlight for 12 hours after the use of lemon and ginger essential oil.

Ginger, Lime, Sea Salt And Coconut Oil And Olive Oil Scrub

Prepare scrubs using natural ingredients available at home and pamper your skin and make it look beautiful and keep it glowing.