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How To Prepare Healthy And Delicious Greek Baked Potato Salad

How To Prepare Healthy And Delicious Greek Baked Potato Salad

Do you ever try Greek baked potato salad in your kitchen? It is a very healthy dish for you. As we have used potato in it , it is a rich source of carbohydrate. As baked potato is used, it is so healthy for you. It keeps you full for long time but does not provide you so much of calorie to you.

The other items used in this salad are also beneficial for you. Try this salad in your kitchen. It is so easy to prepare and does not need so much of time. So that you can make it daily.

Greek Baked Potato Salad:


Potato 4 (Medium sized), Pea ½ cup (boiled), Tomato 1 (large and ripe), Onion 1 (Medium and sized), Cucumber 1 (Medium sized), Iceberg Lettuce 4 leaves, Mayonnaise 4 table spoons, black pepper powder 1 tea spoon, Butter 2 tea spoon, Oregano leaves ½ tea spoon (dried), Chili flakes 1 tea spoon, Salt to taste.



First peel the potato and cut them in to pieces. Now melt the butter.

Pour The Potato Slices In A Bowl

Now pour the potato slices in a bowl. Then add chili flakes, melted butter, Oregano leaves and salt to taste in this bowl. Mix all the ingredients thoroughly. Take a baking dish and brush it with the remaining melted butter. Pour the potato mixture in the baking dish and bake it for 5-7 minutes in full micro power in your micro oven till it goes soft. Now chop the tomato into slices. Also chop the onion in to slices like a ring. Soak the lettuce in to ice cold water. Peel the cucumber and chop it in to slices. Take another bowl and take the mayonnaise in it and add black pepper powder to taste. Add salt to taste.

Add Black Pepper Powder To Taste

Now take a big bowl and pour baked potatoes in it. Add boiled peas in it. Also add the chopped tomato slices, onion slices and cucumber slices in it. Now pour the mayonnaise mixture in it and toss the salad carefully so that all the ingredients can mix well. Then take a salad dish. Take the iceberg lettuce leaves and wipe the water from the leaves with a napkin. Now spread the lettuce leaves in the salad dish. Now pour the salad mixture over the lettuce leaves and pour the remaining salad dressing over it. Now sprinkle black pepper powder over it. Your delicious and healthy Greek baked potato salad is ready to serve.

Oregano Leaves And Salt To Taste In This Bowl