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Intestinal Worms And Top 10 Foods To De-Worm Naturally

Intestinal Worms And Top 10 Foods To De-Worm Naturally

One of the most uncomfortable health conditions is when you have intestinal worms, and it’s both disgusting and annoying to see a worm in your stool. Do not be afraid if that happens because intestinal worms are very common and can be easily controlled. Some of the most common intestinal worms are tapeworms, roundworms, pinworms and threadworms. Tapeworms come from beef, pork and other meats that are not properly cooked; Pinworms are parasites that are as contagious as a viral infection and spread from one individual to another; Roundworms spread through food and water, while Threadworms are a result of poor hygiene. Irrespective of their name or type, you need to eliminate them from your system because intestinal worms are nobody’s favourite pet.


Also, these parasites live inside your system and feed on the food you consume. This stealing of nutrition by the intestinal parasites causes imbalance of nutrition in your system and could also lead to malnutrition. The feces passed by these worms contain acids that can harm you by causing a number of health hazards like bloating of stomach, acidity, gastric problems, nausea, loose motions, anemia, fatigue, temperature, itchy rectum, stomach pain etc… If neglected, these parasites quickly grow in number because they reproduce really fast. If you do not find a way to put an end to the menace caused by these parasites, you could also be bogged down by nightmares, anxiety and depression caused by the presence of intestinal worms.

Now the big question that hits you is that how did these parasites enter your stomach. Well, there are many ways in which these parasites can find their way into your system. Some of them are unclean water, unhygienic food, eating meats affected by worms, dirt in the nails and even through your nose and skin. Irrespective of where these parasites came from, you need to eliminate them from your system. Below listed are top 10 foods that help kill or flush out intestinal worms.

Top 10 Foods To De-Worm Naturally:

1. Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds are not only high in nutritional value, but they are also effective in getting rid of tapeworms. Pumpkin seeds contain cucurbitine, zinc and amino acids that help remove intestinal worms and a handful of pumpkin seeds for a couple of weeks should be useful. It is recommended that you grind pumpkin seeds with water and eat up this paste. In case you are trying to de-worm fussy children, you can consider crushing pumpkin seeds and adding them to a glass of juice or ice cream.

Pumpkin seeds

2. Garlic

Chewing and eating fresh raw garlic is much better than taking garlic powder or garlic pills when it comes to wiping out intestinal worms. Eating 3-4 cloves of garlic on empty stomach is effective in dealing with the intestinal worms and clearing the digestive tract of these unwanted inhabitants. Keeping crushed garlic in direct contact under the feet, by placing them inside the shoes has also been found to be effective on worms.


3. Ginger

Ginger has high medicinal value and chewing a small piece of raw ginger first in the morning on an absolutely empty stomach for a week is found to be very effective in getting rid of intestinal parasites. Make sure to chew for a long time and then finally eat it up. Half a centimetre long piece of ginger should be ideal for an adult.


4. Lime And Water

Drinking 1 to 1.5 litres of water with one or two lemon squeezed in it helps flush out intestinal worms. Make sure that you drink up this mixture on a totally empty stomach for at least a week. You can take this mixture everyday because it gives your body several vital nutrients and also keeps your digestive tract clean.

Lime and water

5. Lemon Seeds

Next time you make lemonade, don’t throw away the seeds. Crushing lemon seeds with water and taking this paste on an empty stomach can subdue the intestinal worms that are eating up your food and causing terrible stomach aches. You can also chew lemon seeds and eat them up, but avoid swallowing them whole.

Lemon seeds

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6. Carrots

Carrots are found to be most effective in eradicating threadworms. You can also consider eating carrots or drinking fresh carrot juice sweetened with honey. Make sure that the first thing that gets into your tummy in the morning is a carrot or carrot juice. In case of carrot juice, try not to filter the carrot pulp and gulp down thick juice for your own good health. Carrots are rich in Vitamin A and Beta Carotene, and this makes carrots not just good for the eyesight, but also exceptional in cleaning up the digestive tract.


7. Raw Papaya And Papaya Seeds

Raw papaya contains Papain which is an enzyme that can effectively destroy intestinal parasites. You need not worry much before you consider this de-worming technique because raw papaya and raw papaya juice are safe to eat. Raw papaya is a delicacy in many Asian countries and you can surely find one in the nearest Asian food store. You can also opt for crushed papaya seeds to destroy intestinal worms in your digestive tract. Take a bowl of ripe papaya in the night and raw papaya in the morning if these parasites have caused constipation. That’s because ripened papaya is rich in fibre and can help flush out intestinal parasites, but the most important is your dose of raw papaya in the morning.

Raw papaya and papaya seeds

8. Wormwood Oil With Olive Oil

Taking a mixture of wormwood oil and olive oil can rid you of many intestinal worms, especially pinworms. Wormwood oil is an excellent remedy against several stomach ailments. You can also drink wormwood oil mixed with water in the night to flush out intestinal parasites in the morning.

Wormwood oil with olive oil

9. Coconut And Coconut Oil

Eat freshly ground coconut in the morning or take a piece of coconut kernel and chew and eat it. Coconut kernel is sweet and many people enjoy eating as much as half a kernel without any fuss about it. Coconut has many health benefits and can wipe out nearly 90% of these intestinal parasites in less than 24 hours. Drinking 2-3 tablespoons of coconut oil every day for a couple of weeks can be effective on tapeworms.

Coconut Oil

10. Castor Oil And Milk

Add two tablespoons of castor oil to a glass of lukewarm milk and gulp it down. This serves as an enema and eradicates worms from your intestines by flushing them out of your system through excretion.

Castor Oil And Milk

Preventing intestinal worms from entering your system is easy and it is suggested that you consider an antimicrobial prevention from the above listed options in the morning, and also a flushing out technique like castor oil and milk in the night to ensure that the larvae of the parasites are also washed out from your digestive tract. Additionally, you need to keep your nails trimmed and clean. Remember to wash hands even though you wore gloves while cleaning. Washing hands properly before cooking and eating is very important. Consider eating only well cooked seafood and meats. The most important point is to drink clean water and carrying your bottle of water is the best way to ensure this.