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4 Natural Ways To Own A Blemish-Free Skin

4 Natural Ways To Own A Blemish-Free Skin

4 Natural Ways To Own A Blemish-Free Skin

It is a dream of every lady on earth to possess a clear unblemished skin which is lacking in many women. Flawless skin makes us look perfect and beautiful. Many conditions can lead to the absence of clear skin like depression, pollution, disturbed sleep and other bad lifestyle behaviors like the consumption of alcoholic drinks.

Many of us rely heavily upon make up and cosmetics to hide the pimples and blemishes. We are simply cheating ourselves. Clear bright skin can be easily achieved by exploring our kitchen.

Here Are Some Top Home Remedies To Own A Perfect Skin:


Apply the juice of cucumber on your face and leave it for a few hours. Then wash off with warm water. For better results leave it for a whole night and wash your face in the morning. Cucumbers are cooling agents that freshens up the skin by discarding the dead cells off the surface. This will give a wonderful radiant face.



A mixture of turmeric powder, milk and gram flour can do miracles to your skin. Blend them properly into a paste and apply them on the face and neck. Wait till the paste has completely dried off. Then scrub your skin gradually and rinse with water. Turmeric is a magnificent skin brightening spice which also has many medicinal purposes in Indian tradition. It makes the skin look lively and flawless.

Turmeric Powder


Prepare a mint paste by grinding the mint leaves with a few drops of water. Apply on the face and leave it for an hour before washing it off. The methanol present in mint can nourish the skin making it look spotless and pure.



By constantly maintaining moistened skin, you will look brighter. Honey is a great moisturizer that can keep your skin moist at all times. Adding lemon to honey is beneficial since lemon has the ability to lighten the skin tone. Gram flour can be included to make the combination thicker into a paste. Apply it on face and leave it for half an hour before washing it off. Try this face pack regularly to attain a clear smooth skin.


These easy face packs can be created at home by delving into the kitchen. Have a healthy and clear skin by following the tips above.