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Recipe And Benefits Of Banana Shake For Weight Gain

Recipe And Benefits Of Banana Shake For Weight Gain

In fast paced world of today, everyone is busy with identifying the options for losing weight. Most of the people target for zero size figure. But, there are also many people like you who are always interested in identifying the options to gain weight to look healthier. Please make a note that when you are trying to gain weight, you must pay attention to each bite. That means foods which you choose to gain weight should be rich in calories and nutrient dense. Putting on weight in healthy manner is always recommended.Have you tried everything and ended up in failure to gain weight? You feel that nothing seems working? Do not worry. This article will guide you to prepare healthy banana shake which helps you to put on weight in a healthy way.
Here we are going to discuss on how a banana shake helps you to gain weight and its preparation.

Banana Shake Benefits For Weight Gain:

Rich Source Of Calories To Gain Weight

Since ancient times, bananas are in use for weight gain. Bananas are rich source of calories which help you to gain weight in a nutritious and healthier way. Several varieties of bananas are available in the market.
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Home Remedies For Weight Gain

Improves Red Blood Cells Count

Banana can be considered as a warehouse of health. Banana is rich in Vitamin B6. It helps your body to produce more number of red blood cells.
More Red Blood Cells  

Boosts Metabolism To Gain Healthy Weigh

Banana is also a rich source of Manganese. Manganese helps you in deriving the required energy from the food. It is also highly helpful in improving the metabolism of the body and thus helps in gaining weight. It also prevents bones disorders. Banana intake boosts manganese intake.
Increase Metabolism

Potassium Helps You To Gain Weight

Potassium is one of the most important ingredients available in bananas. Banana is very rich source of potassium which is highly helpful in maintain the balance of electrolytes in the body. Adding potassium to your diet helps you to gain weight in a healthy way. And it is through banana you can get enough potassium to your body.You might have understood the benefits of banana shake in weight gain. Now, we will discuss on the steps of preparing banana shake.

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Banana Shake Preparation

Take 2 bananas. Slice them and add these slices into a blender. Add ice along with a glass of milk into the blender. If you like add 4-5 almonds which are optional. Blend these ingredients until you find thick and smooth juice. Add sugar for taste. Pour water if required.This banana milk shake is very easy to prepare. It is very tasty. You can gain weight in a healthy way by consuming banana milk shake on regular basis.

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