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Recipe And Benefits Of Golden Honey Mixture – Strongest Natural Antibiotic

Recipe And Benefits Of Golden Honey Mixture

We are accustomed to taking strong antibiotics at the slightest signs of infections .Little do we realize that these artificial antibiotics are very harmful to our body as they kill the good bacteria present in our body along with the harmful bacteria which has an adverse effect on our body’s immunity. It is therefore advisable to use antibiotics with caution. It is better to make use of natural resources before we explore the artificial antibiotics. Talking about natural antibiotics “golden honey “mixture is considered to be the best and strongest antibiotic.

Mentioned Below Is The Recipe And The Benefits Of The Golden Honey Mixture.

Benefits Of Golden Honey Antibiotic:

Turmeric contains the compound curcumin which has anti inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-cancer properties. This mixture of turmeric and honey is useful against colds and coughs Due to the anti inflammatory properties this golden honey mixture is useful in getting relief from arthritis. It is also useful in controlling weight as it helps in fat metabolism. The most important aspect is that it does not destroy the good bacteria in our body. This mixture also improves digestion.

Benefits Of Golden Honey Antibiotic

Recipe Of Golden Honey Mixture:

One tablespoon of turmeric powder and 100 grams of pure organic honey.

Recipe Of Golden Honey Mixture


Take the both the ingredients in a container and mix well so that turmeric gets mixed well. Adding a pinch of black pepper will improve the absorption and the bio availability of turmeric. You can also add lemon zest if you wish to enhance the taste but it is not mandatory. Store the mixture in an air tight glass container .Place it in the refrigerator. The mixture usually has a shelf life of two weeks. Discard the mixture if it gives a metallic taste.


At the first sign of cold and cough have half teaspoon of the mixture every hour on the first day. Have half teaspoon every 2 hours on the second day and on the third and final day of the treatment have one teaspoon three times in the day. In case you wish to boost your body’s immunity then take one teaspoon daily. In case you are having it to keep asthma and bronchitis under control then have half teaspoon thrice daily.

Adding A Pinch Of Black Pepper

However if one is suffering from gall stones or gall bladder infections then do not take this mixture. It also helps in lowering blood pressure and blood glucose levels. So people suffering from hypotension or low glucose levels should consult doctor before having the mixture.

Use the goodness of this natural antibiotic which is effective and safe as compared to the artificial antibiotics available in the market.