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The Acai Berry: Nature’s Wonder Drug

Acai Berry benefits

The Acai Berry – a grape-sized reddish fruit that grows mainly in Central and South America – is fast becoming a researcher’s dream come true. This berry, though still widely unknown, may hold the answers to many medical questions and issues. The Acai berry (pronounced as: ah-sigh-EE, not a-KA-ee) and its secrets might be the treasure trove where almost all of the health issues of the modern man and woman can strike gold.

The Acai Berry: Its Multifarious Features

Besides being loaded with vital minerals and vitamins that boost overall health and well-being, the Acai Berry is a powerhouse of antioxidants and flavonoids. These are elements that promote health and longevity of body cells and tissues. Apart from these, the berry has a good dose of Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids and a protein content higher than eggs! Reasons enough to go nuts over the berry!

Acai Berry

5 Health Benefits Of  The Acai Berry

Anti-Ageing Benefits:

The antioxidants found abundantly in the Acai Berry have a very favorable impact on keeping skin younger looking. The antioxidants prevent the rapid oxidation of skin cells (which sadly results in dead skin cells).

Anti-Ageing Benefits

Prevention Of Acne:

The Acai berry has hidden anti-inflammatory properties which have proven helpful in the prevention and reduction of acne. Troubled teen or a grown up, many people have reported lessened incidents of an acne outbreak and even reduction in acne related scars on the regular intake of the Acai berry.


Hair Care:

The acai berry has a very high protein content, and proteins are what give you that lustrous, enviable mane! In addition, the presence of healthy and essential Omega fatty acids also lead to healthier, stronger and damage-proof hair.

hair care

Detox Facilitator:

Detoxification is no longer just a fancy term, millions of people know the health benefits of regularly ridding the body of harmful toxins that reduce cell and tissue life, speed up oxidation and amass harmful chemicals in the body. Owing to its store of flavonoids, antioxidants and minerals, the Acai berry has been claimed to be an excellent detoxifying agent.

detox facilitator

Better Heart Health:

The Acai berry has vital elements that help in the reduction of ‘bad’ cholesterol (LDL) that accumulates and subsequently chokes the major arteries. With this reduction in bad cholesterol, the berry promotes healthier hearts and better circulation.

As more and more health benefits of this wonder-berry are being unearthed, it will surely pay off well to include it in your diet in the form of juices, shakes or even proprietary supplements available easily.

better heart

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