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The Benefits Of Aloe Vera On Your Heart

Aloe Vera For Heart

Aloe vera offers incredible health benefits. It is loaded with natural healing properties that make it very effective in treating skin inflammation, sunburns and other related problems. Aloe vera is rightly termed as the ‘plant of immortality’ as the health benefits provided by this wonder plant is unsurpassable. It has over 200 vital nutrients including amino acids, B vitamins, calcium, manganese, iron and enzymes.

Aloe vera

It has been proven that aloe vera is excellent for cardiovascular health. The presence of B-sitosterol, a compound structurally same as cholesterol, is present in abundance in aloe vera. This active ingredient inhibits the absorption of cholesterol in your body and lowers the production of cholesterol by 30%. Consuming aloe vera also aids in reducing the triglycerides and ‘bad’ LDL cholesterol levels in the body and increasing the ‘good’ HDL cholesterol. This in uniquely beneficial as most natural remedies only work by reducing the LDL levels, while aloe vera effectively balances the total cholesterol ratio.

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Consuming aloe vera juice also helps in lowering blood pressure, thereby improving your heart health. The rich content of Vitamin C in aloe vera juice helps in promoting circulation and also strengthens the arteries and veins. Moreover the other essential nutrients present in this wonder plant help to boost blood oxygenation and also dilate your capillaries. It has been reported that successive use of aloe vera for several years, greatly reduces the risk of angina attacks. Even the heart rhythm begins to stabilize on an ECG.

lowering blood pressure

The use of aloe vera is highly beneficial for cardiovascular health. It is the best and natural remedy to reduce the risk of stroke and heart attack. Take about 5-10 ml of aloe vera juice daily to maintain good health of your heart. As intake of excessive aloe vera juice can lead to abdominal cramping or diarrhoea, it is always advisable to start with small dosages and increase gradually.

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