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The Deadly Ebola Virus Infection- Symptoms, Treatment And Prevention

Ebola Virus Infection

The world is currently facing a serious health disaster that is the outbreak of Ebola virus. With a fatality rate of 80 % the virus has the gripped western Africa and it is believed that the virus can infect anyone irrespective of the country. World Health Organisation (WHO) has declared the outbreak of Ebola virus as an international emergency. Only the proper knowledge about its symptoms can help in reducing the potential risks.

Ebola virus disease infection causes hemorrhagic fever which leads on internal as well as external bleeding from the body of infected person. This disease is fatal and the death rate is about 90 %. The person eventually dies of organ failure because of the internal bleeding. The disease can be transferred from one person to another by the contact with the body fluid of the infected person.

 Symptoms Of Ebola Infection

It is very difficult to recognize the early symptoms of Ebola infection because the early symptoms resemble the common problem like fever, head ache and body pain. The incubation period varies from person to person and generally lies between 2-21 days. The early symptoms of Ebola infection that can be seen after the incubation period are fever, head ache, muscle pain, chills, weakness, sore throat and lack of appetite. These symptoms resemble many of the common problems and therefore many people do not take these too seriously. However the later symptoms of the infection are very severe and the symptoms include nausea and vomiting, bloody diarrhoea, stomach and chest pain and bleeding. Both internal and external bleeding takes place in case of Ebola infection. An infected person can bleed form eyes, ears and rectum. These are the symptoms that help in detecting the Ebola infection. Once detected the infected person needs special care and treatment by the specialised doctors.

 Symptoms Of Ebola Infection

Transmission Of Ebola Virus

The Ebola infection can easily be transmitted from one person to another. There are many cases in which the virus is transmitted form infected animals to human beings. Following are the ways by which Ebola virus is transmitted:

-Contact with the faecal matters of the infected animals

-Eating an infected animal

-Contact with the infected person’s body fluids

-Contamination by the use of infected syringe and needles

Ebola virus can be transmitted even by touching the dead body of an infected person.

Transmission Of Ebola Virus

Treatment Of Ebola Virus

Till date there is no anti viral medicine available that can cure Ebola infection. WHO reports that 80 % of the infected people die because of the organ failure. Only early detection of virus can sometimes help the patients to recover. It requires special and intense care to treat the infection. These are the following supportive medical techniques that are used by the medical staff to treat the infected person:

-Rehydrating the patient’s body

-Maintenance of proper blood pressure

-Replacement of lost blood on a regular basis

-Providing oxygen when required

-Treatment of other infections that could develop along with the Ebola infection.

Treatment Of Ebola Virus

Prevention Of Ebola Infection

As it is always said that infection is better than cure and in the case when no cure is available the best you can do is to follow all the preventive measures. Therefore it is advisable to take all the preventive measures to avoid the infection. Do not visit a place which is infected by Ebola virus; avoid making any contact with the infected person. Apart from this, you should follow the following preventions as well:

-Maintain a basic personal hygiene

-Drink clean water

-Avoid having bush meat

-Properly dispose the used needles and syringe

-Wear protective clothing like gloves, masks, gowns and eye shield

-Do not ignore even the early symptoms; seek medical help if you notice any of the symptoms that could lead to Ebola infection.

Prevention Of Ebola Infection

Ebola infection has already taken a lot of lives therefore it is very important to take special attention about the symptoms. Aware the people, who do not know about the infection, educate them about the preventive measures that should be taken, after all every life counts.