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Top 10 Easy Ways To Manage And Deal With COPD

Top 10 Easy Ways To Manage And Deal With COPD
COPD (Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) is a chronic inflammatory condition of the lungs which is the 3rd largest cause of deaths due to diseases, in the US. In this problem, airflow from the lungs is obstructed and there is difficulty in breathing due to swelling or mucus in the airways. The symptoms of COPD are shortness of breath, wheezing, fatigue, cough and sputum expulsion. COPD is the mix of two diseases, chronic bronchitis and Emphysema. The cause of this disease is yet not known, but pollution, dust and environmental factors could be the reasons of an allergy trigger, but the single biggest cause of COPD is smoking. This condition is not curable but if proper guidance is given and the doctors suggestions are followed along with maintaining a healthy lifestyle, this disease can definitely be kept under control.

Let Us See The Various Helpful Tips To Control And Manage This Disease :

Quit Smoking

If you smoke and are suffering from COPD, the first thing to do is to quit smoking. This cannot be done in one day, but steps should be taken to gradually reduce the rate of smoking. It is extremely bad for the lungs, weakens them and causes damage to the extent of cancers and death.

Suppresses Smoking Urge

Do Exercise 

Exercising is a vital part of being healthy. It strengthens the immune system, increases the energy level and makes the lungs stronger to breathe well. COPD patients cannot do all form of exercises as it takes a toll on their energy levels, so the correct forms of exercise have to be discussed with an expert.

Do Exercises

Take Proper Sleep

The body needs rest when a person suffers from COPD, because more effort end energy is required to breathe, leaving the body tired and energy levels drained out. Sleep gives the system rest and time to relax and also energises it for further activities. If one experiences trouble in sleeping due to breathing problems, then it is better to take breathing aids to help in dozing off to sleep.

Get Proper Rest And Sleep

Lifestyle Changes 

One has to make life simple for these patients so that they do not get tired quickly. Wear light clothes, eat smaller meals, while bathing sit on a stool and sleep well. Go for small walks in places away from allergens, and always keep breathing aids handy so that they can be accessible when needed. Also, avoid scents and perfumes that could make your allergies worse.

Modify lifestyle

Keep Weight In Control 

Watch your weight and keep it in control. Being obese requires more effort in mobilizing around which can easily lead to breathlessness. Light exercises and being active can help in controlling weight gain though heavy exercises should be totally avoided by these patients.

Weight Gain

Breathing Techniques

Various breathing techniques have been developed to enhance and regulate better breathing in COPD patients. Pursed breathing is a technique which improves breathing and controls shortness of breath. In this technique, purse your lips and inhale from the nose, for a count of 2. Now exhale for a count of 4 from your pursed lips. Repeat this cycle and do it 3-4 times a day to relax your breath. Diaphragmatic breathing exercise also helps to control and regulate breathing. All these exercises should be done in the guidance of an expert

Deep Breathing

Avoid Triggers 

Symptoms of COPD get worse with certain factors like dust, smoke, pollution and other factors like pollen or some food items. Keep your home tidy, air filters clean and surroundings hygienic. Take walks in the fresh air and be careful to stay away from factors that can aggravate the problem of COPD.


Healthy Diet

It is important to take foods that are rich in calories as the bodies of COPD patients has to exert more to breathe or perform other activities.It is better to have smaller meals at frequent intervals than larger quantities at longer breaks. The food should be rich in vitamins, carbs, calcium and proteins and should include fruits, vegetables, grains and dairy products. Limit the intake of sugars, tea, coffee and items containing caffeine that can trigger attacks.

healthy balanced diet

Avoid Stress

Be happy and avoid situations that lead to stress. Keep a healthy environment around yourself and stay connected with family and friends. Stress makes COPD conditions worse and can cause shortness of breath and wheezing.

Reduces Stress

Guidance Of Doctor

The doctors advice is most important and medications should be taken as prescribed by him. Medicines should be kept within reach and lifestyle should be followed in accordance with the experts guidance so that it becomes easy to control and manage COPD.