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Top 10 Foods To Eat During Stomach Upset

Stomach Upset

Stomach upset is not something that one has everyday. But when it is recurring too frequently, it means that there is something wrong with your system. Nevertheless, the early signs of loose motions or stomach upset do not imply that you should rush to the doctor immediately. The idea is that you can try simple home remedies, which helps in binding the stomach and curbs the other signs associated with the problem.

It should be remembered that the cause of the stomach upset could be water, food or even infection. But with these foods, you can actually restrict the problem and prevent it from getting worse.

Here Are Some Of  Foods To Eat During Stomach Upset:

1. Coconut Water

This water is the best bet in case of a loose tummy. Being high on saline and glucose, coconut water may be a laxative in regular cases, but it replenishes the supply of natural sugar and glucose to the body. Have green coconut water, not the dried coconut one. One or two glasses should be consumed, which can be continued even after the stomach is fine.

Coconut Water

2. Yogurt

Being rich in probiotics is something that makes yogurt a must eat food during stomach upsets. It combats infection internally and also cools the stomach, while improving bodily functions. You can have yogurt in plain form, buttermilk or even with a bit of sugar as a ‘lassi’.


3. Bananas

Be it ripe or even raw, bananas are a great fruit to bind the tummy. Bananas can be eaten on their own or even boiled (in case of raw banana) and consumed with some rice. Banana is rich in nutrients to replenish the system and has less fibers, which makes it right for a loose stomach.


4. Boiled Rice

Rice, which  is boiled and strained, is highly suggested for an upset stomach. Basically rice is rich in starch and glucose, which helps you feel fuller, without causing further upset. In fact, rice water too is a healthy way to refuel the loss of fluids.

Boiled Rice

5. Apple Sauce Or Juice

Apple sauce or even apple juice, both of which should not be processed is a great food suggested for stomach upset. It is also given for diarrhea patients. Apple sauce combats infection and helps to prevent further discomfort. It has soothing properties, which also aids in overall better digestion.

Apple Sauce or Juice

6. Toast Or Bread

Brown or even white flour bread or toast is a quick way to bind the stomach. Basically, avoid high fiber breads, which may trigger off a further upset. But white flour prevents further loss of fluids by working on the stomach biles and balancing their flow, thus helping curb the tummy upset.

Toast or Bread

7. Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea is highly recommended for different kinds of intestinal inflammation and stomach problems. It also has antispasmodic properties that helps in treating an upset stomach. Basically you should have the tea of this herb along with some peppermint. Boil about two spoons of the leaves in water and then strain and drink. Repeat as desired.

Chamomile Tea

 8. Ginger

Ginger is a herb that too has properties of reducing inflammation, reducing pain and preventing stomach related problems. You can chew on some dried ginger or make a tea out of the same. This will also help improve the taste in the mouth, which gets a little bitter because of the upset stomach.


9. Lemonade

The juices of lemon along with sugar helps balance the loss of fluids. It also helps to neutralize the PH and alkaline balance of the body, which is very crucial in such a phase.


10. Fennel Seeds

The seeds of fennel are not only rich in nutrients but also have properties that prevents the dis-balance in the internal system. Basically fennel can be taken along with some sugar candy to help your ailing stomach and provide instant respite without trying too hard.

Fennel Seeds

So the next time you have a stomach upset, do try out these simple home remedies.