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Top 10 Harmful Foods To Avoid Eating Daily

Top 10 Harmful Foods To Avoid Eating Daily

We have been exercising daily and doing every bit to stay healthy, but still the body keeps giving signals that something is not right. Health issues keep arising and there seems a need to make changes in the daily food habits or lifestyle. So what should be done? One should review the complete daily diet and then decide on what changes should be made. There are some foods which are a part of our everyday diets, but we should not eat them daily as they pose a lot of health hazards.

Foods That We Should Not Eat Daily Are:


White bread is not at all good for the health, is a fact that has been long established as it contains refined flour where all the nutrition is striped in processing, are starchy and contain gluten. These days multigrain are available in the market which though said to be healthy, they also contain refined flours and can cause in increase in the blood sugar levels in the body. So either go for an all wheat bread or consume it sparingly.



We often crave sweets after meals or in between two meals. The addition of sweets often lead to obesity and increase the level of sugar in the body. It is better to go for natural options like fruits which have natural sugars and are not loaded with extra calories that lead to weight gain, an increase in blood sugar and cholesterol. Make it a schedule to eat a sweet once a week as a little indulgence does not harm the body.


Evening Snacks 

How often do we indulge in snacks like cookies, sandwiches, munchies and more in the evening. But do not make it a routine. These add unnecessary fats to the body as cookies, sandwiches and munchies contain fat and sugar that also add carbs to our diet and off course the waistline. Nuts are a healthy option to substitute these fatty snacks.

Sandwich Wraps

Processed Meat

These include salmon, ham, bacon which are processed in the factory and contain nitrates that could pose hazards to the health.High quantities of salts are added while processing which are harmful to the heart and even pose the threat of cancers.

Processed Meat


This vegetable is an essential part of our diets. But potatoes have high amounts of carbohydrates that can spike the sugar levels in the body and also increase weight over time. It is better to replace this vegetable with healthy greens which give nutrition without increasing weight.

Sweet Potatoes

Low-Fat Options

Fatty foods are being replaced with low-fat options. As a result, some people include it daily in their diet thinking they do not contain fat and are healthy. But fat-free foods is generally replaced with a high level of salt and sugar to make up for the fat.These also contain artificial fats which hinder the absorption of nutrients into the body. In addition, the high level of salt and sugar are harmful and people who eat these foods, often complain of stomach related ailments.

Low-fat Yogurt

Canned Vegetables

Canned vegetables contain preservatives to increase their shelf life. The chemical in the preservative is called BPA and is often said to leech in the veggies and makes them harmful for consumption. Canned vegetables are also high in sodium and these contribute to a number of diseases like reproductive disorders, diabetes, heart and prostate troubles.

vanned vegetables


1 bottle of soda is equal to 10 tsp of sugar. In addition, it contains nothing to complement the diet, no vitamins, and minerals. If taken every day, they can damage and weaken the bones and teeth and also induce premature aging. It is best to avoid soda and even the diet version because it has other harmful elements. Fresh juices and lime water can be used instead.

Soda Pop

Fast Food

Whether you are depressed, hungry or short of time, fast food should never be your pick. Burgers, french fries, chips and noodles, all contain trash. And they are high in calories, unhealthy fats, and high amounts of sodium. These lead to high cholesterol, blood pressure, obesity and heart troubles. In addition, the food items are laced with preservatives that often leach into the food and contain toxic elements.