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Top 10 Health-Related Old Wives’ Tales


In ancient when medical science was there then the only remedy by the experience of the the people whatever they say ancient people directly apply it , and this trend is now follow time to time and till know our grand father and mother says to apply directly whatever they had the medicine regarding the disease , but some time these medicine are also good but before applying all this medicine we must have test that whether that formula is good or not.

Here Are The Some Health Related Old Wives With There Explanations-

Cod Liver Oil For Relief The Joint Pains-

cod liver capsules are very effective in reducing the joint pains , it has been find out in a study that if a person take 2100 mg of the cod liver capsules the joints of that person get stronger and he is healthy this is just because that the cod liver capsule has omega-3 acids which has the properties of reducing the swelling and joints pains, this is most useful in arthritis.


Carrot For The Eye Sight-

yes it is true that if we eat carrot then our vision will be good this is because that carrot has much amount of antioxidants which is some how make the corona of the eye stronger when we are entering in the old age it also has the carotin which has the properties of the vitamin A which makes our clear corona and very much useful for the eyes cell and helps in preventing cataract also.


Relation Between Apple And The Doctor-

we heard this since our birth that a apple a day keeps doctor uncle away and it is true also because it is full of antioxidants which is useful for the health and it also has the properties of the vitamin C which prevents the scurvy disease and gives collagen to the bones and the muscles the thin layer of the apple contains the pectin which prevents the heart stroke by reducing the cholesterol.


Low Eyesight In Low Light-

this is also a most popular but some what true our eyes is design with different types of the muscle and every has its own function , our eyes has two muscle Rod and Cone. Rod is used whenever there is movement and cones define the distance , color and the depth of the object but in the low light this cone has to do extra emphasis to the mind and therefore headache happens so try to read in the things in the proper light.


Cracking Knuckles And Arthritis –

its has been said that cracking your finger and bones will lead you the arthritis but this is not true because study said that cracking knuckles have no relation with the arthritis but there is another flaws that if we crack our bones and the fingers frequently we have lost our grip power so leave this habit as soon as possible.


No To Swimming When Eat-

it is said that if we swim when we eat we have the chances of drown, it is some what true because when we have food in our stomach , all the blood go the liver intestine and there is less blood in the legs and the hands so the power is less so we have chances to drone so we must wait for sometime when we eat the things.


Chicken Soup For The Cold-

its is said by the centuries that chicken soup has the capacity of curing cold and it is true according to a study it has been found that in the chicken there is carnosin which is the ability to give the strength to the white blood cells and prevent the first stage cold , it has the inflammatory properties , home made chicken soup is also good.

Chicken Soup

Sweating To Reduces The Toxic-

is has been said that sweating is good as it will exert all the toxic of the body but it is not true as the sweating is only the removing of salty water from the body no other thing , harmful toxic is exert from the liver.


Sugar Change The  Behavior Of The Kids-

its has been said that the if the kids take the excess of the sugar and the sugar candies then there behavior will change and their mind will grow fast but it is not true according to a study it is totally false and always keep the children away from the excessive sugar, because it will adversely effect the growth of the children.


Too Close To Television Will Effect Your Eyesight-

its is most popular in early centuries because at that time television produces high radiation which is not good for the eyes and the body but now a days  no television produces the radiation so it will not hurt us if we are too close to the television , but too close to the television will gives stress to the mind so try to avoid it.