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Top 10 Home Remedies For Quick Relief From Acidity

Remedies For Quick Relief From Acidity

Acidity is a common health related problem that targets both men and women when they regularly follows inappropriate diet plan in their lifestyle. Acidity causes too much discomfort by disturbing the overall function of digestive system of its victim. In Ayurveda, many remedies were prescribed to alleviate this complication without causing any side effect to its sufferer’s health.  But, many of them includes following of yoga exercises too. However, you can get best result in easing your discomfort aroused due to acidity or acid reflux by following some effective home remedies for the same.

Here Are Top 10 Amazing Remedies To Get Instant Relief From Acidity:


Banana is highly rich in potassium that gives better result in maintaining the acid production level of stomach. Banana is also a rich source of fiber content which can increase the mucous production in the stomach thereby lowering the recurrence of acidity and improving the function of digestive system. You must choose only ripe banana to overcome your acidity discomfort because ripen bananas do have excess of potassium in it.


Basil Leaves:-

Basil leaves are amazing home remedy to cure acid reflux or acidity issue. Basil leaves are blessed with superb anti-ulcer properties that can promote mucous production in the stomach thereby reducing the effect of gastric acids. You only need to chew 5-6 leaves of basil plant daily so as to beat discomfort caused by acidity.

Basil Leaves

Drink Cold Milk:-

Cold milk is another good remedy to get instant relief from acidity due to its richness in calcium and Vitamin B12.  In fact, milk has an ability to absorb excess of acid produced in the stomach thereby giving relief from burning sensation in the stomach comfortably. You only need to drink cold milk only without adding additives like sugar to it so as to gain positive result in treatment of your problem. Col milk works more effectively on combination with little ghee to it.

Drink Cold Milk

Chew Aniseed:-

Aniseed is also a natural remedy to remove acid reflux and improving digestion due to its richness in volatile oils. Chewing few aniseeds daily after having your meal will definitely reduce the symptoms of acidity and constipation by making your digestion process easy.  You can also consume aniseeds boiled in water so as to gain maximum benefit from it.

Chew Aniseed

Fennel Seeds:-

Fennel seeds are highly effective in alleviating acidity symptoms by improving digestion, metabolism and immunity of an individual.  It produces a claming effect on those nerves of stomach thereby giving relaxation from gas troubles. You must chew some amount of fennel seeds daily to overcome your acid reflux problem.

Fennel Seeds

Consume Clove:-

Clove is also a wonderful remedy for stomach pain, acidity and bloating. The buds of clove reduce acidity symptoms and improve peristalisis with its superb carmitive properties. Released juice of clove bud gives instant relief from acidity.

Consume Clove


Cardamom gives better result in stimulating digestion thereby producing a soothing effect in inner lining of stomach.  You need to drink cooled juice of cardamom prepared by crushing two pods of cardamom for getting instant relief from it.


Mint Leaves:-

Mint leaves is a special remedy for giving fast relief from burning related with stomach bloating and acidity. You must boil some chopped mint leaves in a pot of water and then consume it when it gets completely cool. This remedy will definitely soothe your stomach and will ease your digestion. Mint leaves also offers good health to heart and prevents heart diseases.

Mint Leaves


Ginger is also very beneficial in giving fast relief from the burning sensation of stomach pain, indigestion, acid reflux and bloating. Ginger roots promotes the secretion of mucus and can absorb the essential nutrients without causing harm to the digestive glands. You must chew a small piece of ginger directly or can drink the juice prepared with boiling of ginger in water so as to ease your acid reflux discomfort. Ginger is also good for preventing complex stomach problems like stomach ulcer but for this, you must consume its juice with a piece of jaggery and allow it to reach your stomach slowly.



Gooseberry is a rich source of vitamin C which makes it perfect for treating stomach problems and othvr hvalth related complications.  Gooseberry has an ability to heal the injured lining on stomach which in turn improves function of digestive system of its consumer. You must consume 1 teaspoon of amla powdvr atleast two times a day and this will definitely make you free from acid reflux for many years.