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Top 10 Incredible Benefits And Uses Of Rice Vinegar

Top 10 Incredible Benefits And Uses Of Rice Vinegar

As the name suggests, rice vinegar is a form of vinegar made from the fermentation of rice. It is used in Asian cuisines but is also gaining popularity in the west due to its health benefits. It is authentically made in countries like China, Korea, Vietnam, and Japan. The rice vinegar made in Japan from brown rice has 20 kinds of amino acids which makes it a powerful tonic and is regularly taken with honey for health reasons.Rice vinegar is mild and sweet in flavor and has great health benefits.

Some Of Its Uses And Health Benefits Are:

1. Calorie Content

Anything that adds flavor to your dish will be full of calories. But rice vinegar is one such ingredient which enhances the taste but does not increase the calorie intake. So you can replace your regular salad dressing with this vinegar and enjoy the meal without the worry of extra calories that will lead to weight gain.

Weight Loss

2. Blood Pressure

Rice vinegar is low in sodium content which makes it a good choice for blood pressure patients. Intake of large amounts of sodium is known to increase the blood pressure. Rice vinegar can be added to food for controlling blood pressure rise in people.

Blood Pressure

3. Antioxidant

Rice vinegar contains phenolic compounds that help us protect the body from fatal diseases like cancer, heart diseases, osteoporosis, and diabetes. They safeguard the body from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays and pathogens.

Heart Ailments

4. Liver Health

A type of rice vinegar made from brown rice called Kuro Zu, is known to be beneficial for the liver and protects it from cell degeneration. It reduces enzymes that degrade the cells and increases lifespan in people.

Protects Your Liver

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5. Diabetes

Intake of rice vinegar enhances functions of the liver to store glycogen and control levels of blood sugar. It is also known to increase the ability of beta cells that are the insulin-producing cells of the pancreas.


6. Anti-bacterial

Rice vinegar possesses powerful qualities to combat dreadful bacteria like salmonella and streptococcus. It can be sprinkled on raw veggies and fish to destroy bacteria that could cause harm to our bodies.

rice vinegar

7. Colon Infections

Intestinal infections caused by dreadful bacteria can be treated and cured with the intake of rice vinegar. Kurozu, the brown rice vinegar has shown positive signs in treating colitis, though research on its role in treating colon cancer is still going on.

Colon Cancer

8. Preservative

Though not strong enough to be used as a  long term preservative, rice vinegar can be sprayed on fish to keep it fresh for longer and protect it from bacterial invasion. It is also added to dip sauces to increase their shelf lives.


9. Anti-Ageing

Rice vinegar intake prevents the formation of two fatty peroxides which stimulate the aging process. It curbs the formation of free radicals and controls the formation of excess cholesterol that starts lining the blood vessels and also stimulates the liver functions to enhance longevity. Egg rice vinegar is one kind of vinegar which is used as a potent tonic to enhance virility and power.

Skin Ageing

10. Culinary Uses 

Rice vinegar is used as an ingredient in cooking to make meat and vegetables tender and soft. It can be used to reduce the odor of fish and can also be used as a preservative for fish, vegetables, rice and more. It enhances the taste of the dishes without increasing its calorie content.