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Top 10 Methods To Cure Abdominal Pain And Cramps

Abdominal Pain

Abdominal Pain and Cramps are experienced by people of all ages at some or the other point of time. It can be due to Indigestion, Constipation, Stomach Infection, Menstrual Cramps, Food Poisoning, Ulcers, Kidney Stone, Hernia, etc. The pain may range from mild to severe pain or cramps which can occur at regular intervals. Here are some of the best remedies which are natural and don’t have any side-effect.

Here Are 10 Methods To Cure Abdominal Pain And Cramps:

Warm Water

The first remedy to try for normal or mild abdominal pain is to drink warm water. For problems related to indigestion of stomach infection, warm water is of great help. Warm water will help clear any congestion or killing the germs in the digestive system and provide relief to pain. The warm water bag can be applied to the ailing region if there are cramps causing discomfort in the abdomen.

Warm water

Carom Seeds And Salt

Carom seeds are said to have disinfectant properties. It also works as a pain reliever. Taking carom seeds with salt helps gain relief from abdominal cramps in case of menstruation.

Carom seeds and salt

Include Curds In The Diet

Curds or Yoghurt is considered to contain healthy enzymes that help in improving digestion. In case of food poisoning, Ulcers and upset stomach, curds help regulate the secretion of good hormones helping in improving digestion. If there is dehydration along with food poisoning, sugar can be mixed with yoghurt to enhance energy. Butter milk can also be consumed for good digestion.


Citrus Fruits For Kidney Infections And Stones

In case of kidney infection or kidney stone, consumption of citrus fruits such as sweet lime, lemonade or orange helps in fighting the infection and disintegrating the calcium deposits. It is better to consume them fresh and in their natural form rather than purchasing canned or preserved juices.

citrus fruits

Milk Or Water

Many people experience pain in the upper part of the abdomen in case of acidity. In order to get comfort from acidity, consumption of cold milk or water helps dilute the acidic content in the body and get a cooling effect. You should take care that if vomiting occurs, milk should be avoided as it shows rejection from the body.


Maintain A Light Diet

It is very important to maintain a light diet or consume only fluids or semi fluids if the abdominal pain is severe. It helps the digestive system some relief and revive over a period of time.

light diet

Triphala And Asafetida

Triphala is an Ayurvedic preparation of three natural fruits namely Amla (Gooseberry), Haritaki (Chebulic Myrobalans) and Bibhitaki (Terminalia Bellirica). These are considered to be the best known fruits of ancient medical science. Asafetida has characteristics to avoid formation of gastric problems on consumption of heavy and complex foods. The combination of these two powders helps relieve pains related to gastric problems and acidity.

Triphala and Asafetida

Green Tea

The antioxidant characteristics of green tea help instant detoxification of the digestive system. For pains related to digestion or menstruation, green tea provides an instant relief making you feel relaxed and fresh. Many people are reported to have a good flow of urine after consumption of green tea. It helps clear out toxins from your body instantly.

Green Tea

Rice Water

Rice is a staple diet in many countries. It is considered as one of the lightest food that is very easy to digest. Water removed from the cooing or cooked rice with some honey added to it helps in calming abdominal cramps.

Rice water


A glass of water with some crushed mint leaves, a dash of lime and some black salt makes a tasty drink which makes you have a refreshing feeling and giving instant relief to your stomach pain.